Dual-Element, Time-Delay Fuses
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Class RK5 - 250 Volt   1/10-60 Amps FRN-R
  • Provides motor overload, ground fault and short-circuit protection
  • Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads
  • Helps protect motors agaianst burnout from single phasing on three phase systems
  • Simplifies and improves blackout prevention (selective coordination)
  • Dual element fuses can be applied in circuits subject to temporary motor overloads and surge currents to provide both high performance short-circuit and overload protection
  • The overload element provides protection agaianst low level overcurrent of overloads and will hold an overload which is five times greater than the ampere rating of the fuse for a minimum of ten seconds
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Catalog Symbol: FRN-R
Dual-Element, Time-Delay (10 seconds minimum at 500% rated current)
Ampere Rating: 1/10 to 60 Amperes
Voltage Rating: 250 Volts AC (or less)
Interrupting Rating: 200,000A RMS Sym.
DC Ratings: 20,000 AIC @ 125V DC
Agency Approvals
: U.L. listed-Class RK-5, (Guide JDDZ, File E4273), CSA HRCI-R(Class 1422-01; File 53787)

Catalog Numbers

FRN-R-1/10 FRN-R-1-1/4 FRN-R-4 FRN-R-15
FRN-R-1/8 FRN-R-1-4/10 FRN-R-4-1/2 FRN-R-17-1/2
FRN-R-15/100 FRN-R-1-1/2 FRN-R-5 FRN-R-20
FRN-R-2/10 FRN-R-1-6/10 FRN-R-5-6/10 FRN-R-25
FRN-R-1/4 FRN-R-1-8/10 FRN-R-6 FRN-R-30
FRN-R-3/10 FRN-R-2 FRN-R-6-1/4 FRN-R-35
FRN-R-4/10 FRN-R-2-1/4 FRN-R-7 FRN-R-40
FRN-R-1/2 FRN-R-2-1/2 FRN-R-7-1/2 FRN-R-45
FRN-R-6/10 FRN-R-2-8/10 FRN-R-8 FRN-R-50
FRN-R-8/10 FRN-R-3 FRN-R-9 FRN-R-60
FRN-R-1 FRN-R-3-2/10 FRN-R-10 -
FRN-R-1-1/8 FRN-R-3-1/2 FRN-R-12 -

Carton Quantity and Weight
FRN-R FUSTRON (250 Volts AC)

1-15 10 0.40 0.181
17.5-30 10 0.50 0.227
35-60 10 1.00 0.453

*Weight per carton

Fuse Reducers for Class R Fuses

Fuse Clips
Desired Fuse
(Case) Size
Catalog Number
(Pairs) 250V
60A 30A No. 263-R
100A 30A No. 213-R
100A 60A No. 216-R
200A 60A No. 226-R

Fuseblocks for Class R Fuses
(Clip Retaining Spring Standard, Suffix "R")

Amps Poles Basic Catalog # Screw* Screw *
w/Pres. Plate
Box Lug *
Box Lug*
w/Clip CU only
1/4" Quick-
1/10-30 1 R25030-1 SR PR CR COR QR
1/10-30 2 R25030-2 SR PR CR COR QR
1/10-30 3 R25030-3 SR PR CR COR QR
31-60 1 R25060-1 SR - CR COR -
31-60 2 R25060-2 SR - CR COR -
31-60 3 R25060-3 SR - CR COR -

* Terminal type (suffix number)

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