Lamps Indicators & Displays
Lamps Indicators & Displays
Indicating lights and displays are essential components that promote safety and efficiency on the factory floor.

A wide variety of pilot lights, lamps and discrete LEDs signal when a process has started or stopped. They are available in a number of different sizes, voltages and materials, with many specifically designed for use in hazardous locations. They can be mounted on machines or control panels so operators can assess the status of a process at a glance.

Visual signaling devices are supplemented by an array of meters, gauges, timers and displays to further indicate the status of an operation. Timers and counters are used to control batch lot size, regulate punching or drilling frequency, regulate flow rate, trigger alarms and control outputs, and keep track of manufacturing process events. Panel meters and gauges display the value of measured values, like voltage or pressure.

Finally, HMIs provide multi-touch displays that operators can use to closely monitor production, adapt to production demands, and quickly respond to equipment fault or failure.