Howard Industries

Ballasts, fixtures and lamps are the primary source of lighting in factories and warehouses. Using the right equipment to produce the best visibility is critical for efficient day-to-day operations and workplace safety.

Ballasts are line-in-load devices used to limit current in a circuit. They are widely outfitted with fluorescent lamps, which otherwise allow current to rise to dangerous levels. Ballasts can support several lamps at a time in various types and sizes. Ballasts may also offer technology that helps improve efficiency, including controllable light intensity and programmable on/off features.

Light fixtures are designed to house and protect lamps in a wide variety of applications. Many designs exist, to support different wiring configurations, fit in different locations, house different types of bulbs, tubes, lamps or LEDs, and protect lights from debris, moisture, and other hazardous conditions.

Lamps come in a wide variety a different types as well, including fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, LED, and more. The type of lamp chosen depends on how bright or how efficient the lighting solution needs to be.