HVAC controllers are used to regulate the operation of heating or air conditioning systems in a building, plant or room.

HVAC control systems use sensing devices like thermostats, humidistats and process controllers to compare the actual state of an environment with a predetermined setpoint. Controllers then turn on or turn off heaters, air conditioners and fans to adjust the ambient temperature and humidity to match the target state.

HVAC controllers use a combination of analog and digital inputs and outputs to perform a variety of actions, including taking measurements, starting and stopping equipment, and opening or closing valves, dampers and more.

A19 Remote Bulb Control Series Image
  • Constant Differential throughout the Entire Range
  • Unaffected by Cross-Ambient Conditions
  • Fixed or Adjustable Differential Available
  • Variety of Sensing Element Styles
  • Wide Temperature Ranges Available
  • Compact Enclosure
The A19 Series Controls are single-stage temperature controls that incorporate environmentally friendly liquid-filled sensing elements.
A72 2 Pole Heavy Duty Control Series Image
The A72 Series Temperature Controls incorporate a vapor charged sensing element and heavy duty contacts. The double-pole, single-throw (DPST) contact block contains two isolated sets of contacts that make or break simultaneously. Use for automatic control of heavy electrical loads.
  • Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) or Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) Snap-Acting Switches
  • Constant Differential throughout the Entire Range
  • Unaffected by Barometric Pressure Changes
  • Fixed or Adjustable Differential Available
  • Unaffected by Cross-Ambient Conditions
  • Wide Temperature Ranges Available
  • Variety of Sensing Element Styles
  • Compact Enclosure
The A19 Series Controls are single-stage temperature controls that incorporate liquid-filled sensing elements. The A19s are suitable for temperature control in HVAC/R applications.
  • Sensing Element of Thin, Moisture Sensitive Nylon Ribbon Provides Reliable Operation Even When Ambient Temperature Conditions Change
  • Positive ON-OFF Settings Permit Manual Operation of Controlled Equipment
  • Impact-Resistant, Molded Plastic Cover Mounts on Wall
  • Fully Enclosed, Dust Free, SPST, Snap-Acting Switch
Provide automatic control of a humidifier or dehumidifier for dehumidification in air conditioning systems.
The JADE™ Economizer System is an expandable economizer control system, which includes a W7220 Economizer Module (controller) with an LCD and keypad. The W7220 can be configured for 4 different economizer strategies: referential or differential dry bulb, referential or differential enthalpy.
The W7220 Economizer Module can be used as a standalone economizer module wired directly to a commercial set back space thermostat and sensors to provide Outdoor Air dry-bulb economizer control.
The W7220 Economizer Module can be connected to optional Sylk Bus sensors for single or differential enthalpy control. The W7220 Economizer Module provides power and communications on the Sylk Bus for the sensors.
The W7220 Economizer Module automatically detects sensors by polling to determine which sensors are present. If a sensor loses communications after it has been detected, the W7220 Economizer indicates a device fail error on the display or through the AUX 1 OUT terminal programmed to SYS.
W7215B Enhanced Economizer Logic Module Series Image
• Demand Control Ventilation Economizer Provides Comfort, Energy Savings, Reliability, Air Quality Compliance and Flexibility in Heating, Cooling and Ventilating Applications
• Optional Differential Enthalpy Control (Enthalpy Setpoint D with Two C7400A Sensors) Provides Greater Economizer Savings and Maximum Comfort over Single Enthalpy Control
• Combines Enthalpy or Dry Bulb Changeover Control, Minimum and Maximum Damper Position Potentiometer and DCV Setpoint Functions
• Enthalpy Setpoint (A-D) On Economizer Module Controls the Combination of Air Temperature and Humidity That Is Suitable for Free Cooling
• Input from DCV CO2 Sensor Provides Optimum Ventilation Based On Occupancy
• LEDs Indicate When Economizer Is In Free Cooling and DCV Modes
• Provides For Input from an Outdoor Air Quality Sensor
• Includes Air Change and Shutdown
Use with C7400A, or C7660 and C7150B or C7046 Sensors; Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) sensor C7232 C02 sensor (2-10 VDC); and Honeywell Series 72 actuators to proportion outdoor and return air dampers for economizer and ventilation control in commercial HVAC equipment.
  • Fully Enclosed, SPST, Snap-Acting, Dust-Proof Switch is Designed for Wall or Surface Duct Mounting
Mechanical humidity controllers provide automatic control of humidifiers and dehumidifiers or ventilators in central heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Sensing Element of Thin, Moisture Sensitive Nylon Ribbon Provides Reliable Operation Even When Ambient Temperature Conditions Change
  • Mount Vertically On 2 X 4 In. Junction Box (Not to Be Duct Mounted)
  • Includes Alternate Scale and Faceplate for Horizontal Mounting
  • Fully Enclosed, Dust Free, SPDT, Snap-Acting Switch
  • Removable Setting Knob Prevents Tampering
H600 Humidity Controllers operate humidification equipment on RH fall or dehumidification equipment on RH rise.
  • Automatically Detects Presence of Outdoor Sensor to Set Control to Automatic or Manual Mode
  • Automatic Humidification (Window Protection) with Included Outdoor Sensor
  • Manual Humidification and Dehumidification Control
  • Adjustable High and Low Range Stops (10-90%)
  • RH% and Outdoor Temperature Calibration
  • Dehumidifier Compressor Protection
  • Simple, Intuitive Programming
  • Large, Digital Backlit Display
Easy to use, digital control of your home’s humidification or dehumidification. HumidiPRO™ will automatically adjust settings for changes in outdoor temperature to ensure no condensation will appear in your home (window protection).
TrueIAQ Series Image
  • Include Individual Air Quality Enhancements to Your System with TrueIAQ, or Integrate Them All As Part of a Total Air Quality System
  • Manages Humidification, Dehumidification, Ventilation and Bathroom Fans from a Central Point in Your Home
  • Simultaneously Displays both Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Levels On-Screen
  • Automatically Adjusts Inside Settings Based On Outdoor Conditions
  • Setting Changes Can Be Made Easily with the Touch of a Button
  • Intuitive Digital Backlit Display
Integrate control of your home's humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and even bathroom fans into a single device with Honeywell's TrueIAQ control. TrueIAQ allows you to program your air quality and fan settings individually, or as a system for increased comfort and energy savings. Plus, TrueIAQ will automatically adjust settings for changes in outside temperature and humidity, and provides maintenance reminders to help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. For true indoor air quality control, choose TrueIAQ.
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