T410 Series Image
  • Replace Virtually Any Two-Wire (T410A) or Four-Wire (T410B) Line Voltage Wall-Mounted Electric Heating Thermostat
  • Rugged, Plastic Mounting Base and One-Piece Cover With Vents
  • Easy To Install; 6 In. (150 Mm) Color-Coded Leads
  • Ideally Suited To New Construction Applications
  • Includes Long-Lasting Micro Switch Mechanism
Economy thermostats that provide reliable line voltage control of resistive rated electric heating equipment. Snap-action switch makes heating circuit on temperature fall.
550 Series Image
  • Dual Display,4 digit,7 segment LED
  • TC/RTD
  • PID ON/OFF Control
  • 2 Setpoints
  • C/F selectable
  • Field selectable Control Output (Relay or SSR)
  • Auxiliary Output:Relay / SSR
  • Easy to Use
T631 Farm Controllers Series Image
  • Use in Barns, Poultry Houses, Hog Barns, Pump Houses, Milk Houses and Crop Storage Houses
  • Treated to Resist Corrosion
  • Slots In Front and Bottom of Case Provide Maximum Air Circulation over the Coiled Sensing Element
  • SPDT Snap Switches Permanently Sealed Against Corrosion
  • Easy Mounting Using Screws through Holes in Back of Case
Provide line voltage control of heating, cooling and ventilating systems in farm buildings or storage areas.
  • Suitable For Applications Requiring Temperature Control of Air or Liquids Where Controller Must Be Placed Outside the Sensing Area
  • Fast Response Models (Available For Use in Return Air Duct) Operate Approximately Four Times Faster Than Standard Models
  • Typical Uses Include Control of Dampers and Valves in Heating, Cooling and Heating-Cooling Systems
  • Ambient Temperature Compensation Provides Good Temperature Control
  • T678 Models Have a Maximum Connected Load of 2000 VA
  • Controller Can Be Mounted In Any Position
Remote bulb thermostats regulate temperature of air or liquids in ducts, pipes, tanks and boilers.
  • Refer to T775 Electronic Remote Temperature Controller Where More Exact Control Is Required and/or Remote Controller Location Is Preferred
TP975 Diffuser Series Image
  • Two-Way Setpoint Indicator for Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Detents In 1 F (0.5 C) Increments for Blind Operation
One-pipe, single temperature, low-capacity pneumatic thermostat used to provide proportional control of pneumatic valves and mixing boxes in heating and air conditioning systems. It mounts in a slot or light troffer diffuser or a return air grill.
PRO 1000 Series Image
  • Basic Operation - Easy-To-Use Slide Switches Allow You to Select the Heat or Cool Mode, and Operate the Fan
  • Precise Comfort Control [1 F (0.5 C)] - Maintains Consistent Comfort to The Highest Level of Accuracy
  • Easy-To-Read Backlit Display - Easy To Read in Various Lighting Conditions
  • Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat
The PRO non-programmable family of thermostats provides basic and simple operation with specific models for conventional and heat pump systems.
TCN-8900 Electronic Thermostats Series Image
  • Thermostat Includes Wall Box and Surface Mounting Plates and All Installation Hardware to Mount Directly to Drywall or a Standard U.S. Wall Box
  • Globally Scaled Unit Includes Setpoint Scale in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius Ranges 54 to 82F (12 to 28C)
  • Small, Compact Package Provides Similar Look and Feel to the Metastat Sensors
  • Universal Quick-Mount Design Saves Time and Simplifies Installation
  • Local Setpoint Provides Easy Wiring and Installation
The TCN-8900 Series is a family of analog electronic controllers designed to control heating and/or cooling valves or dampers. The TCN-8901 has two 0 to 10 VDC proportional outputs, one for heating and one for cooling. The TCN-8906 has two On/Off triac outputs, one for heating and one for cooling, capable of switching 0.5 A at 24 VAC. The dual-scale setpoint dial enables the room occupant to adjust the thermostat setpoint within the range of 54 to 82F (12 to 28C). Johnson Controls offers an optional Dial Stop Screw Kit for applications where fixing or limiting adjustment to the temperature range is appropriate.
T7067 Series Image
  • Separate Heat and Cool Adjustable Set Point Levers Provide Adjustable Deadband From 3 F to 30 F (2 C To 17 C)
  • Separate 1-16 VDC Voltage Ramps Provide Independent Heating and Cooling Signals to W973 Single Zone Logic Panel
  • Mount On Standard 2 X 4 in Vertical Outlet Box or on a Non-Conductive Flat Surface
  • Two Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Under T7067 Cover for System Checkout
  • C7046A Discharge Air Sensor Provides Temperature Anticipation
  • One T7067 Can Control Up To 6 W973 Panels in Parallel
  • All Models Include Wiring Plate and Locking Cover
T7067A Thermostat and T7067B Transmitter control space temperature when used with W973 Logic Panel.
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