Electrical cables and cords are assemblies of one or more wires bundled together, used to connect two or more devices and transfer electrical signals or power between them.

Cables are used in a wide variety of applications, and most are tailored for a specific purpose. Cordsets include both the cable and the electrical connectors attached at each end. For power cords and extension cords, one end has a male connector to connect to a power source, and a female connector that attaches to the equipment

Other cordsets include Ethernet cords with matching modular connectors at each end, and computer and interface cables with single-purpose connectors like VGA or PIC that transfer specific signals. Accessories include adapters, junction blocks, extension reels and field wiring kits.

Micro-DC Series Image
The Micro-DC (MDC) series, also known as Micro-change or M12, is one of the most widely used industrial quick disconnects in the industrial market. Despite the name, these euro-style connectors can be used in either AC or DC applications. They are commonly used in factory automation for items such as sensors, actuators, motors, switches, safety light curtains, mats, and interlock switches to name a few. The MDC series has a single keyway which is known as A-coded. The commonly used industry term “M12” is in reference to the coupling thread used to connect the MDC cables to the mating receptacles. The MDC product is offered in 2–8 and 12 pole configurations with a variety of outer jacket materials, and other options. The euro color code (without a ground wire) and the single keyway (A-Coded) distinguish the MDC from other connectors that are similar in size and function.
NAN Series Image
The M8 (NAN-series) is often referred to as a “pico” or “nano” connector. The small size makes it the perfect choice when space is limited. The M8 is commonly used with many of the miniature proximity, hall-effect and photo-electric sensors. The NAN series is available in 2 different versions; snap-on (available in 3, 4 and 6 pole) and thread-on (available in 3 and 4 pole). Male connectors in this series can be used to mate with both the snap-on and threaded female connectors.The male has threads and the small snap ring. Both snap-on and thread-on versions have the same water tight specifications (IP67) as well as the same voltage and amperage rating. It is simply customer preference as to which one suits their needs.
Snap-On Version
A snap-on connector is simply pushed onto the mating part and an audible snap can be heard as they lock together.
Threaded Version
The thread-on is similar to the MIN-Series and Micro series in that there is a threaded coupling nut which is tightened when mating.
MICRO Series Image
  • Provide NEMA 6P and IP 68 Protection
  • Mechanically Keyed to Eliminate Mismating
  • Available in 2~6 Pole Male and Female Plugs
  • Straight or Right-Angled Configurations
  • Single or Dual Keyway Design
MICRO Series interconnects from REMKE Industries have been designed for low amperage AC or DC control systems and are compatible with the pin configurations used by major U.S. and European sensor manufactures. The MICRO Series of connectors, cable assemblies and receptacles allow fast and easy replacement of 12mm to 18mm sensors, switches, and control components.
  • Optional LEDs
  • Optional Braided Shielding
Solenoid Valve Connectors Series Image
While most industrial electrical connectors are used in a wide variety of applications, the “solenoid valve connector” is primarily used on solenoid valves. Over the years as solenoid valves have changed and reduced in size, the solenoid valve connectors have changed as well. Designed to conform to EN175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650), or to “De Facto” industry standards, Mencom solenoid valve connectors are available in 5 different interfaces (Form A, Form B, Form C as well as Industry Standard Form B and Industry Standard Form C).
Mencom’s standard valve connector offers a polyamide body with thermoplastic gasket integrally molded into the face of the mold connectors. Molded versions utilize a PVC jacket with 18 AWG conductors, while the field wireables are available in PG9, PG11, and ˝” NPT threaded openings. Valve connectors with circuitry and suppression aid in diagnostics and protection of equipment. Several circuitry and suppression options are available. Solenoid valve connectors all carry an IP65 Rating.
MIN Size I Series Image
The MIN-Series is so named because they are generally referred to in the industry as MINI-Change, 7/8” connectors, or Mini connectors. The MIN series can be used for transmission of signal and/or power. The MIN-Series is a popular connector choice for machine safety components, lighting, Bus Networks, robots, and numerous other applications. Our MIN-Series is available in 2~14 and 19 pole versions, divided into 4 different sizes.
SIZE I connectors include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 14 pole versions. All of the Size I connectors are based on a 1” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 7/8” UN mating thread.
SIZE II connectors include a larger 6 pole, along with 7 & 8 pole versions. The Size II connectors are based on a 1.125” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 1” UN mating thread.
SIZE III connectors include 9, 10, 12 & 19 pole versions. The Size III connectors are based on a 1.25” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 1 1/8” UN mating thread.
MIN Power connectors include 3, 4 & 7 pole versions. The MINH 3, 4 pole connectors are based on a 7/8”-16 mating thread & 1” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 7/8”-16 mating thread & 1” coupling nut for the cordsets. The MINH 7 pole connectors are based on a 1”-16 mating thread & 1.13” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 1”-16 mating thread & 1.1” coupling nut for the cordsets. The PMIN 3, 4 pole connectors are based on a 1 3/8-16” mating thread & 1.5” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 1 3/8-16” mating thread & 1.5” coupling nut for the cordsets.
M12 Ethernet Series Image
Industrial network systems allow for real-time distributed control of many connection points from a single controller. These “network bus” systems reduce the total amount of cable required and can simplify the overall design. Mencom offers a broad range of industrial network connectivity products to streamline your installation. Using Ethernet in industrial applications is becoming more prevalent. This has increased the need for Ethernet product that is built to handle harsh environments. Mencom has addressed this need with a series of rugged Ethernet products. Our E45V3 series connectors allow for an IP67 rating while using standard RJ45 connectors. Mencom offers M12 threaded connectors. We refer to this series with a MDE45 prefix. Our MDE45 series utilizes M12 4 wire (D-Coded) connectors with 2 pair Cat 5e cables or M12 8 wire (A-Coded) connectors with 4 pair Cat 5e cable. The MDE45 is specifically used in Industrial Ethernet applications, and has teal cable using twisted pairs of wires inside. This connector has a unique keyway that is known as D-coded.
Euro-AC Series Image
As with the Micro-DC(MDC) and Micro-AC(MAC) series, the Euro-AC (MEC) series connectors do not imply that they are only used in AC applications. MEC series uses the M12 mating thread like the MDC series, and they are also commonly used for coding purposes in conjunction with the MDC series. Made popular by the European market it has found its way into many industrial applications as well as some bus systems. The MEC series has a reversed single keyway known as B-Code. Using an MEC alongside other M12 threaded receptacles on the same panel will eliminate the possibilities of plugging the wrong cable into the wrong receptacle, safely coding your connection without adding cost.
  • Two to Nine Pins
  • Shroud and Cork Design exceeds IP-68 and NEMA 6P
  • Cables Rated up to 600 Volts, 30 Amp
  • STOOW or SO Type Cable
  • Receptacles Use Standard 3/4" NPT Threads for Mounting
  • UL and CSA Recognized
Crouse-Hinds Change-Out connectors provide superior service for your tough industrial environments. The one-piece molded-to cable design provides a rugged and reliable connector that can withstand the most severe conditions, including heavy physical abuse. Unaffected by water, coolants, or condensation, environmentally sealed Change-Out connectors assure watertight performance to IP-68 and NEMA 6P ratings.
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