Disconnect Switches

  • 16~3150 Amps
  • 600VAC Maximum
  • UL E63822; CSA LR58247
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 Poles
  • DIN Rail, Door, or Base Mount
ABB SwitchLine includes 16 different amperage sizes from 16A to 3150A. The basic construction provides flexibility, safety, and high performance in an extremely compact size. ABB Switchline is a perfect choice for all switching applications from industrial motor control to construction safety switches.
  • Broad Range of Accessories Available
  • Mountable in Any Position
  • Finger Proof for Improved Safety
  • Wielded Contact Protection
  • Flange, Side, or Thru-Door Installation
POWERLINE Series Image
  • Wide Range of International Fuse Clip Options Available
  • Rotary Through-Door, Flange Mounted, or Motorized Operation
  • Fuses Completely Isolated in OFF Position
  • Many Accessory Options to Fit to Your Application
  • 2 to 8 Poles, 30A-800A Options
ABB PowerLine includes seven different amperage sizes from 30A to 800A. All PowerLine fusible switches are designed to meet customer requirements in terms of high interrupting capacity and long electrical life while occupying little more panel space than the appropriate fuses. The basic construction provides flexibility and high performance in an extremely compact size. ABB PowerLine switches are a perfect choice to withstand the heat and humidity of the tropics, the extreme cold of the arctic and any rugged industrial environment you may have. PowerLine fusible disconnects are available in 2,3,4,6, and 8 pole versions. They come in a wide range of fuse clip options: UL, CSA, DIN, BS, NFC, and Ultra-Rapid.
Safety Features include:
  • UL/CSA and/or IEC approval ratings
  • High-Performance Quick-Make/Quick-Break Mechanism
  • Door Interlock
  • Full Fuse Isolation in OFF Position
  • Padlockable Handles
FUSERBLOC Series Image
  • On Load Make and Break Power Circuit Applications
  • Up to 200kA Short Circuit Rating
  • Voltage Sensing Terminals
  • Front or Side Operation
  • Double Break by Phase
  • Compact Footprints
  • Touch Safe Covers
  • Flange Operation
Socomec FUSERBLOC series are fusible disconnect switches are heavy duty switches that break and make power circuits on and off load. The switches employ double break contacts per pole that ensure complete isolation of the fuse when the switch is in the off position. These switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications. The test position function is enabled with handles with the test position. This function tests the control circuit auxiliaries without switching the main contacts. It is a simple alternative to a separately wired push button.
KU Series Image
  • 25~60 Amps
  • 600VAC Maximum
  • UL 508 Listed
  • 3 or 4 Poles
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mounting
Altech non-fusible motor disconnect switches feature advanced switch technology, using silver contacts to ensure safe and durable operation. These switches offer high reliability in a compact, space saving design.
  • Wide range of Accessories Available
  • Snap On Auxiliary Contacts
  • Interrupting Capacity 10kA With Back-Up Fuse
EOT Series Image
  • 16~80 Amps
  • 600VAC Maximum
  • cUL Approved; UL508 Listed
  • 3 Poles
  • Panel Mount
The eOT Series of enclosed manual motor controllers are rotary operated, 3 pole, 600V Hp rated switches, housed in thermoplastic/polycarbonate enclosures suitable for wet and corrosive environments. These feature-rich switches ensure reliable switching time after time.
  • Extremely Compact Size
  • Touch Safe Construction
  • Suitable as a Motor Disconnect
  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Available With and Without 1NO Auxiliary Contact Installed
SIRCO M Series Image
  • Direct or External Operation
  • Up to 8 Pole or 4 Pole MTS
  • Wide Range of Accessories
  • Positive Break Indication
  • DIN-rail or Base Mount
  • Compact Footprint
Socomec SIRCO M series are non-fusible disconnect switches are compact modulable and modular switches. They make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit, particularly for machine and control circuits.
OS Series Image
  • UL 248
  • UL and CSA type
  • NEMA 1, 3R and 12
These fusible disconnect switches are front operated and have a shaft that is adjustable for a range of installation depths. These disconnect switches have a handle that is IP65, NEMA 1, 3R, 12 protected, pad lockable in the OFF-position and with door interlock in the ON-position.
  • Plastic handle
  • Black ON-OFF handle
HDI Series Image
  • Suitable as a Motor Disconnect
  • Non-Fusible
  • 20-200 Amp Options
  • NEMA 4X, 12
  • High Visibility Handle
  • Available in Standard and Large Enclosure Sizes
R5 Series Image
  • Direct or External Operation
  • Compact Footprint
  • DIN Rail or Base Mount
  • Up to Eight Pole or Four Pole MTS
  • Modular Design
R5 Series products are manually operated modular switches. Load break switching and isolation provide safety solutions for any low voltage circuit, particularly for machine and control circuits. The R5 series products are manual motor controllers suitable as motor disconnect.
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