TTUH-CO Series Image
  • Bottom Mounted
  • Brass Flange
  • Copper Sheath Elements
  • Integral Low Liquid Thermal Cutout
  • High Watt Densities
CIR Series Image
  • Tightly Compacted Refractory Insulation Makes CIR Heaters Suitable For Severe Applications
  • Leads Can Be Bent At Right Angles Near The Heater Without Exposing Bare Wire Therefore Eliminating Electrical Shorts
  • Type CIR Cartridge Heaters Are Made With a High-Temperature Incoloy Sheath Material
ARMTI-2 Series Image
  • Incoloy Sheath Element
  • 2" NPT Stainless Steel Passivated Screw Plug
  • Integral Thermostat (DPST)
  • General Purpose Terminal Enclosure
  • 2-15 kW
RIN Series Image
  • 1/2" and 3/4" NPT Brass Screw Plug, Double Threaded
  • Incoloy Sheath Element
  • 6" Leadwires
A Series Image
  • For Tank Bottoms, Platens, Dies, Hot Plates, Glue and Lead Melting Pots
  • Can Be Either Single Or Three Ring Heaters
  • Circular Shape and Use Of Chromalox Utility Clamps Simplifies Use Of Ring Heaters
ARMTO-2 Series Image
  • Steel Sheath Elements
  • 2" NPT Steel Screw Plug
  • Integral Thermostat (DPST)
ADH Series Image
  • Incoloy Sheath Elements
  • Corrosion-Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • All Heaters Can Be Mounted in Any Position; Top, Side, or Bottom Entry
PTH Series Image
  • Passivated 316 Stainless Steel and Titatium Sheath Elements
  • Side Mount Metal Sheath Heaters
  • Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure
MT-1 Series Image
  • Copper Sheath Element
  • 1-1/4" NPT Brass Screw Plug
  • Without Thermostat
  • General Purpose or Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • 0.6-2 kW
GS Series Image
  • 316 Stainless Steel and Titanium Sheath Elements
  • Side Mounted
  • Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure
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