SPECTROL 534 Series Image
  • 100 to 100K Ohm
  • +/- 5% Tolerance
  • 2 Watts
  • 10 Turn Precision Winding
  • Panel Mount
Spectrol 534 Series Precision Potentiometers from NTE offer a wide range of resistances at up to 2 Watts, with a close tolerance of +/- 5%. These pots feature gold plated terminals and internal tracking surfaces, and a precision winding with excellent linearity.
  • Permanickel Contact
  • Gold Plated Terminals
  • Stainless Steel .25" Shaft
M22 Series Image
  • Scale Markings on the Knob Allows the Operator to Be Used Without an Additional Legend Plate
  • Oversized Knob Option Available
  • Slim Design Allows for Space Saving and Simple Wiring and Installation
  • Protection Types Include IP66 and NEMA 4X, 13
  • Resistive Elements Range from 1k to 470k Ohms
Eaton's M22 potentiometers allow for a ready to use operator in a conveniently sized package. M22 potentiometers include the resistive element, instead of just a knob, and a built in legend surrounding the knob. The slim design, with integrated contacts and the range of resistances available, allows for a quick install.
LM2T Series Image
  • Graduated Scale or Variable Index Displayed on Face
  • Suitable for Potentiometers with 6-6.3mm/0.24-0.25in Shaft Diameter
  • Minimum Shaft Length of 40mm/1.6in
  • IP65 Rated
  • Mechanical Life of 300,000 Cycles
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