• 12~1000 Watts
  • .02~392K Ohm Values Available
  • Fixed or Adjustable Resistance
  • Vitreous Enamel Coating
  • Radial Lug Terminals
Ohmite's wirewound power resistors are available in fixed or adjustable resistance values, making them ideal for a variety of high wattage applications. They feature a hollow core for maximum heat dissipation and to permit secure fastening. These resistors also offer the durability of lead free vitreous enamel coating and all-welded construction.
  • Wirewound
  • Mounting Hardware Available; Included on Some Models
1/10 W THROUGH 2 W Series Image
  • .1~10 Watts
  • Various Resistance Values
  • Various Tolerances
  • Various Compositions
  • Axial Leads
These miscellaneous axial lead resistors include values up to 10 watts. This category of resistors consists of various brand names, ohmic values and composition types.
  • Includes Precision MIL Spec Resistors
BROWN DEVIL LUG with LEAD Series Image
  • 5.25~20 Watts
  • .03~100K Ohm Values Available
  • Fixed Resistance
  • Vitreous Enamel Coating
  • Lugs & Axial Leads
Ohmite's Brown Devil series are small, exceptionally durable power resistors. They feature all-welded construction and rugged, flame resistant conformal lead free vitreous enamel coating to ensure successful performance under high temperatures.
  • Wirewound
  • Mounting Hardware Available
  • 1~11 Watts
  • .01~150K Ohm Values Available
  • 5% and 1% Tolerances
  • Vitreous or Silicone Coating
  • Axial Leads
Axial lead wirewound resistors from Ohmite offer an economical solution for a wide range of electrical and electronic applications. These resistors feature a durable, all-welded construction for the highest of performance and reliability.
  • Wirewound
  • Mounting Hardware Available for Some Models
POWR-RIB Series Image
  • 700~1600 Watts
  • .1~42.1 Ohm Values Available
  • Fixed or Adjustable Resistance
  • Edgewound or Round Wire
  • Clamp Terminals
Ohmite's Powr-Rib series are constructed of a heavy resistance alloy mounted on ceramic insulators and supported by a metal mounting bracket. The edgewound design provides very low resistance with high power capacity, while the roundwire design provides a higher resistance with lower power capacity.
Edgewound units provide clamp-type terminals, permitting a reliable connection which can be moved along the resistive element to obtain intermediate values.
  • Edgewound Round Wire
  • Integral Mounting Hardware
89 Series Image
  • 5~50 Watts
  • .005~100K Ohms Available
  • 1%, 5% Tolerances Available
  • Heat Sinkable
  • Axial Leads
These aluminum-housed resistors from Ohmite offer tight tolerance and temperature coefficient values as well as a maximized operating temperature range.
  • Wirewound
  • Panel Mount
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