A sensor is a device that detects to some type of event or change in its environment, and responds by reporting or sending that information to an operator or another device.

The input detected by the sensor can be just about any environmental stimuli, including light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, and more. The sensor detects and measures the change, and transmits that data through some output signal. A sensor that measures temperature, for example, can output that data as voltage signal readable by another device like a display or control component.

Sensors are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with different designs and technologies used to detect specific, individual inputs. Sensitivity and accuracy also vary device to device.

LS-7 Series Image
  • No. 22 AWG
  • RoHS Compliance
  • SPST, 20VA Switch Rating
These low-cost units are ideal for high volume use in small tanks and vessels. Engineered plastics construction offers broad compatibility in water, oils and chemicals.
  • Ideal for Oils and Fuel
  • Can rotate 180 Degrees
E53 Series Image
  • 8~30 mm Sensing Range
  • 2 or 3 Wire
  • 20~250 VAC or 10~30 VDC
  • NPN or PNP Output
  • Shielded or Unshielded Sensing
Cutler-Hammer's Threaded Body capacitive proximity sensors are ideally suited for the detection of liquids, powders, or other metallic or non-metallic targets. 18 and 30mm models are available, all featuring a plastic, corrosion resistant body, output indicator LED, and sensitivity adjustment.
  • Available with 2-Meter Cable or 4-pin Micro Connector
  • NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 12, and 13; IP65 Enclosure Rating
LS-3 Series Image
  • Compact Size
  • High Reliability
  • Low Costs in NPT
These Level Switches are ideal for shallow tanks or restricted spaces, or for any low-cost, high volume use. The LS-3 Series are available in FDA compliant materials.
  • UL Recognized
  • Switch SPST
LS-270 Series Image
  • Buna N Float Material
  • 150 PSI Max Pressure
  • UL Recognized
Level monitoring and temperature switch in a single unit. Intermediate in size; single-setting temperature sensor is in bottom of stem.
  • Ideal for Oils and Water
  • Small, Lightweight, and Extremely Stable
LS-1950 Series Image
  • Large Size
  • Polymeric Lead Wires
  • 316 Stainless Steel Material
The LS-1950 Series all stainless steel for high pressure and temperature level switches are for high performance. The LS-1950 provides high temperature and pressure capabilities. Materials of construction comply with FDA food contact regulations.
  • UL Recognized
  • Exceptionally Accurate
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