Soft Starters

PSR Series Image
  • 208~600VAC Input
  • Up to 46.2 Normal Duty Amps
  • Up to 15 HP @ 230V
  • Up to 30 HP @ 460V
  • UL; cUL; CE Approvals
The PSR Sofstarter is compact and easily accessible for installation in places where space is limited. This series covers motor currents from 3 to 45 A. Further, the system concept includes MMS and the softstarters are available for remote control connection using the FieldBusPlug as an accessory. All sizes include a Run signal relay. With standard performance the PSR Softstarters handle ten starts per hour.
  • Open Type
  • Prepared for Fieldbus Communication
PST Series Image
  • 208~600 or 690VAC Input
  • Up to 1062 Normal Duty Amps
  • Up to 450 HP @ 230V
  • Up to 900 HP @ 460V
  • UL Approvals
The PST range is a microprocessor-based softstarter designed with the latest technology for soft start and soft stop of motors. The PST Softstarter has several advanced motor protection features as standard. The four-button keypad and the logic structure of the menu make the installation, commissioning and operation easy. The PST Softstarter can be used with or without a by-pass contactor. The larger sized models include a built-in bypass contactor. The PST Softstarter can be selected according to the rated motor power in normal duty applications like pumps, compressors, elevators, escalators, short conveyor belts and bow thrusters.
  • Open Type
  • Built-In Bypass Contactor
  • Prepared for Fieldbus Communication
PSE Series Image
  • Wide Rated Operational Voltage 208 ~ 600 VAC
  • Wide Rated Control Supply Voltage 100 ~ 250 VAC
  • Coated Circuit Boards for Reliable Operation in Harsh Environment
  • Optional External Keypad, IP66
  • Torque Control for Excellent Control of Pumps
The PSE soft starter is the world's first compact soft starter with both built-in electronic overload for motor protection and torque control for an excellent control of pumps. The compact design with the most important functionality integrated provides a very efficient starting solution. The illuminated language neutral display and the four button keypad make it easy to take advantage of all the advanced functionality in the soft starter. The display will also provide all the necessary information both during ramping and continuous operation.
  • Motor Underload Protection to Detect Pumps Running Dry
  • Locked Rotor Protection, Detecting Jammed Pumps
  • Kick Start to Start Jammed Pumps or Conveyor Belts
S801+ Series Image
  • Adjustable torque control
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Adjustable kick start control
  • Built-in run bypass contactor
  • Programmable overload settings, 31–100% (3.2:1) of rated current for the unit
Eaton’s S801+ line of reduced voltage soft starters is very compact, multifunctional, easy to install and easy to program. Designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors, the line is available for current ranges from 11A all the way through 1000A applications, and is suitable for mounting in motor control centers or in enclosed control.
S811+ Series Image
  • Ranging from 11 to 1000 amps,the S811+ provides an array of built-in features designed to address the needs of industrial and OEM customers
  • Severe-duty capable
  • Sophisticated pump algorithm
  • Communication ready-native Modbus RTU and QC Port with external Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP com modules
  • Advanced monitoring and protection capabilities
  • Engineered to industry standards ULT,CSAT,RoHS,IEC,CE,C-Tick,CSA elevator duty and CCC
  • Warnings/alarms available to avoid nuisance tripping
  • Streamlined menu structure for programming,easy installation,setup,maintenance and monitoring
  • KW and power factor measurement
  • Cloning feature
Compact,easy to program and easy to install,the S811+ line of soft starters is ideally suited for open,enclosed and motor control center applications.The S811+ provides an easy to use Digital Interface Module allowing users to modify control parameters,enable/disable protections,set communication variables,monitor system parameters such as line voltages and currents,and access the fault queue.
SSW05 Series Image
  • 220~460 VAC Input
  • Up to 85 Normal Duty Amps
  • Up to 30 HP @230V
  • Up to 60 HP @460V
  • UL; cUL; CE Approvals
The WEG SSW05 soft starter is a super compact, fully digital soft starter with a state of the art DSP controller. Its digital construction provides optimum operation, diagnostics capability, and full motor protection. Simplicity in set-up and operation is assured since all parameters and set up selections are made via dip switches and potentiometers. Status LEDs alert the user of the operational status of the SSW05. Simplicity, ease of set up, and the micro size assures quick and easy installation and operation.
  • Built-In Bypass Contacts
  • Built-In Overload Protection
  • DIN Rail Mounting
MCD100 Series Image
  • Contactor style design for easy selection, installation and commissioning
  • Extremely robust SCR design with heavy ratings as standard
  • Micro SoftStart controller for motors up to 15 HP
  • Unlimited number of starts per hour
  • Ratings up to 1400 Amps and up to 690 VAC
  • Friendly multi-language interface with two rows, sixteen characters each
  • Built-in with three extra power terminals for external bypass
  • In-line or inside-delta operation modes
  • Torque control and pump control advanced features
  • Motor protection according IEC 10,20 and NEMA 10, 20, 30, even if ASTAT XT Soft Starter is in bypass
  • Built in RS485 port communications, and ModBus protocol as standard
  • Profibus-DP and DeviceNet optional interfaces for communications
GE's new solid state ASTAT XT Soft Starter features microprocessor control digital technology. Setup and adjustment is performed through a six-button keypad and parameters or messages are displayed through a user-friendly LCD multi-language interface with two rows, sixteen alphanumeric characters each. The design includes isolated I/O and a high level of protection in circuits to minimize the disturbance effects while working in the harshest
industrial environment.
ASTAT XT Soft Starter offers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a variety of standard AC motors, up to 1400A and up to 690V, reducing mechanical shock to the driving system, resulting in extended component and motor life.
ASTAT XT Soft Starter offers many traditional features such as a motor overload function, adjustable ramps, current limit, kick start, as well as other high end features like inside-delta operation, torque control, pump control and a reliable motor and unit set of protections.
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