Temporary Lighting

  • Durable Rugged Indoor and Outdoor Construction
  • Flex Strain Relief at Critical Bending Points
  • cULus Outdoor and Wet Location Listed
  • Green Ecologically Friendly Materials
  • Lightweight Impact Resistant Martial
  • Cool Glare Free Lighting Alternative
  • Rubberized non-conductive
  • Low Power Utilization
  • Easily Daisy Chained for more Cover Area
  • Durable Rugged Construction
  • LED Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Outdoor Use Wet Locations
  • Die-cast Aluminum Housing
  • Integral Mounting Magnet
  • 5600K Color Temperature
  • High Temperature lens
  • Impact Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • cULus Listed
  • Dual Magnets for secure Mounting
  • Molded Polycarbonate Housing
  • Three Separate Ballast/Bulb
  • K Temperature 4100K
  • Light Weight Design
  • High Temperature
  • Impact Resistant
  • Clear Lens
EZ Series Image
  • Die-cast Aluminum Housing
  • Heavy Duty Magnet Mount
  • Light Weight and Rugged
  • High Temperature Lens
  • Impact Resistant
  • cULus Listed
  • Hazlux 3 UltraFlood Class I, Div. 2 HID Floodlights for Wet Locations
  • Multiple Mounting types (See Catalog for Details)
Baylite Series Image
  • Double Envelope Bulb Stops Ruptures at End of Life
  • Easy Internal Taps for 208, 240, 277 Volts
  • Open Air Ballast for Cooler Operation
  • Average Lamp Life for 10,000 Hours
  • Easy Hook with locking Feature
  • Type O Lamp Included
  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • cULus Listed
  • Built in metal reflector which eliminates glare and blinding, focusing all light on subject.
  • Protected by patented shock absorbers to withstand rough usage.
  • Enclosed ballast, remote from light source for easier handling and maneuverability.
  • Special rubber compound bumper guards and end caps combined with cast guard and metal rods, protecting against damage from falling objects, bumoing, or dropping.
  • Luminaires come complete with lamp(s) and cord.
  • The New EVH2625E and EVH2650E incorporate an electronic ballast in the handle for efficiency, cool operation and easy handling.
Portable handlamps and worklights can be used:
  • in areas made hazardous by the presence of flammable gases and vapors, combustible dusts or easily ignitable fibers & flyings.
  • in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities, shipyards, refueling depots, storage tank cleaning, railcar manufacturing and maintenance facilities, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, textile mills, grain elevators, pharmaceutical plants, sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.
  • during plant 'shut downs' for maintenance and installation requirements.
  • in any adverse adverse environment where portable lighting is preferred or required.
  • in locations where fixed lighting is not practical.
  • for task oriented lighting.
  • for emergency lighting applications.
  • when inspecting aircraft wing tanks, vats, process vessels, fuel tanks, etc.
EVH106 Series Image
  • Pressure connector terminals for portable cord
  • Light weight - 4 1/4 lbs.
  • Designed for rough service - swivel hook, ease in relamping
EVH106 is used:
  • as a portable handlamp in hazardous areas
  • in inspecting aircraft wing tanks, vats, process vessels, fuel tanks, etc.
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