EUROSTRIP Series Image
  • 300 Volt Rated
  • 20 ~ 63 Amps
  • 2 ~ 12 Poles
  • Flat or Raised Mounting
  • UR, CE, IDE/VDE Approvals
Eurostrips are safe, economical and meet international standards. They are a cost-effective alternative to barrier strips that require labor-intensive wire lugs. Eurostrips feature tubular screw clamps, with or without wire protectors, and are ready for immediate hookup. Eurostrips are available in easy-to-cut 12 pole strips or pre-cut.
89-terminal Series Image
  • Heavy-duty, Corrosion-resistant Screws, Surface Plates and Optional Hardware
  • Accessory Hardware Provides a Variety of Termination Options
  • Available Cover Helps Prevent Contact with Live Terminals
  • Rugged Polyester Thermoplastic Base
  • Operating Temperature Rated from 130C (260F) to -40C (-40F)
NIMBUS Series Image
  • Broad Wire Range: 14 AWG 750 kcmil
  • UL and CSA Rated for 600 V, 90C
  • High Dielectric Strength Plastisol Body
  • Prefilled with De-ox
  • Up to Six Ports
NIMBUS insulated multi-tap connectors ensure reliability and flexibility in the field. For use with copper or aluminum conductors, these connectors are chemical resistant, UV rated, and prevent the formation of oxides.
CLEARTAP Series Image
  • Transparent, Flexible, Insulating Cover
  • Captive Pressure Screws and Self-Closing Openings
  • Broad Wire Range: 14 AWG - 800 kcmil
  • UL and CSA Rated for 600V, 90C
  • For Copper or Aluminum Conductor
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