Visual Signaling Devices

Visual Signaling Devices
Visual Signaling Devices
Visual signaling devices are used to provide alarm and status notifications for machines, systems, processes, and environmental events. Their primary purpose is to provide simple situational awareness to technicians and operators when machinery is in use, when personnel are occupying a hazardous space for maintenance or repairs, or when there is an active emergency.

In many cases, the lighting equipment is customizable in color and operation to effectively alert personnel of conditions on the factory floor.

Emergency lighting indicates hazardous events. They are typically equipped with ultra-bright LED lamp heads and designed to meet several safety codes. Signal lights and stacklights are designed to mount on or near equipment to indicate the status of machinery and processes, or to designate an unsafe area. Stacklights offer the ability to include several different lamp colors and types to indicate different conditions. Other visual signaling devices include standard illuminated exit signs, to indicate a safe exit, and digital marquees, to display context-specific information with numbers or text.

LP3 Series Image
  • 12~48 VAC/120 VAC/240 VAC
  • 5 Dome Colors
  • 7,000 Hour Lamp Life
  • Variety of Mounting Styles
  • UL; cUL; CSA; CE Approvals
Federal Signal introduces the Model LP3 low profile strobe light. This Type 4X strobe is available in five colors: amber, blue, clear, green, and red. An optional dome wire guard is available for the LP3S and LP3T.
The LP3 is offered in a variety of mounting configurations. LP3P features an integrated 1/2-inch NPT pipe mount. LP3S features a three-hole surface mount ideal for control panels and other flat or flush surfaces. The "T-mount" LP3T has a popular 2-hole design for wall or flush mounting. The LP3E features a standard A-19 medium Edison screw base. The LP3M features a 1/2-inch male pipe mount and 18' wire leads.
The LP3S, LP3T, and LP3M include a surface gasket to complete the Type 4X installation. All LP3 units feature a unique threaded screw-on lens that provides tool-free wiring and strobe tube replacement. The strobe tube is rated for 7,000 hours.
LP3 comes in three voltage variations: 12-48VDC, 120VAC and 240VAC. The state-of-the-art strobe mechanism produces 2.2 joules of energy, while drawing relatively low amperage.
StreamLine strobes feature high-quality, long-life strobe tubes which are designed to reduce tungsten build-up for longer lamp maintenance cycles. Careful consideration is given to the relationship between tube shape and lens design for maximum light output. StreamLine products make use of surface mount technology, which provides a more powerful light in a much smaller package. The high-quality dry-electrolyte capacitor used in StreamLine products runs cooler than those used in many competitive strobes, resulting in a more reliable product that won't fail due
to overheating.
125-LED Series Image
  • Available in Flashing or Steady Burning LED Versions
  • Available in 24 VDC or 120 VAC
  • Option for Panel or Conduit Mounting
  • Immune to Shock and Vibration
  • Operating Temperature of -31°F to 150°F
The Edwards 125 Class Standard LED beacons are UL and cUL listed signaling appliances. Two versions of the 125 Class Standard LED Beacons are Flashing and Steady Burning. Both versions feature a corrosion resistant Type 4X enclosure and can be panel or conduit mounted. The base is manufactured from a 33% glass filled nylon, providing high resistance to heat and high chemical resistivity. The lens is made of shatter resistant polycarbonate. Both the Flashing LED and Steady Burning LED beacons are available with either a black or gray base, and amber, blue, green or red lens.
E26 Series Image
  • 1~6 Tiers
  • 12~120 VAC/DC
  • Various Light Types
  • Base Mounting
  • IP65 Protection
The E26 stacklight unit is a modular system that provides illuminated and audible status indication in all directions. Easily assembled plug-in modular units include constant, flashing and strobe light units, as well as mono-tonal, bi-tonal, and intermittent alarms. The E26 can be assembled in a variety of configurations, with several lamp, color and mounting options for further enhanced versatility.
  • NEMA Type 4, 4X and 13
  • Various Alarm Types Available
  • UL File #E131568
  • CE Marked
SLM100 Series Image
  • Three separate inputs: steady, flashing and rotating
  • PLC compatible with PNP or NPN connections
  • Compatible with 12-24VAC/DC or 120-240VAC
  • Five mounting base options
  • Five color options
  • UL and cUL listed
  • 100,000-hour LED
  • Type 4X, IP66
  • CE Compliant
200 CLASS-70MM Series Image
  • Stackable up to Five Modules Including Sounder
  • Option for Steady Burning, Flashing or Multi-Mode
  • Multiple Voltage Ranges
  • Quick and Simple Assembly with no Tools Required
  • Six Lens Colors
The 200 Class 70mm Stacklight is a versatile signaling device that may contain up to five light modules, or four light modules and one sounder module in a single, integrated stack. The lens modules are available with LED, incandescent or Xenon strobe light sources, and in red, amber, blue, green, yellow and white. Options for Steady Burning, Flashing or Multi-Mode are available. The lenses are made from a self-extinguishing polycarbonate material and are scratch and impact resistant.
141ST Series Image
  • 12 VDC/24 VDC or 120 VAC/240 VAC
  • 4 Dome Colors
  • 4,000 Hours Lamp Life
  • Surface or 1/2 inch Pipe Mount
  • UL Listed
Federal Signal's Electraflash 141ST is an economical strobe light designed for a variety of industrial uses. This compact warning light is less than six inches tall and six inches in diameter. Models are available in four fresnel dome colors, including amber, blue, green and red. All models are UL Listed for indoor/outdoor use and the 120VAC models are CSA Certified.
The Model 141ST is available in 12VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC and 240VAC and includes a removable strobe mechanism. The 12VDC and 24VDC units have three holes for flat surface mounting. The 120VAC and 240VAC versions come ready to mount on a 1/2-inch pipe. Optional wall mounting brackets (Model LWMB2) or corner mounting brackets (Model LCMB2) are available for the 120VAC and 240VAC units.
Federal Signal's Electraflash strobe lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor industrial environments. The unit's convenient size and intense light output make it ideal for use on maintenance vehicles, fork lifts, and other material handling equipment. The economical Model 141ST effectively alerts of hazardous conditions
or dangerous areas.
Federal Signal's Electraflash strobe warning light is an affordable visual signal which is ideally suited for light duty applications.
52 Series Image
  • 24 VAC, 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • 6 Lens Colors
  • Weatherproof
  • Variety of Mounting Options
  • UL; cUL Approvals
Rotating signal designed to provide maximum brilliance and long term durability with minimum maintenance. The polycarbonate dome allows for easy cleaning. May be mounted in any orientation.
For direct mounting applications, unit is supplied complete with gasket and rubber expansion plugs. For weatherproof installation unit must be mounted vertically with the dome facing up. May be corner mounted using the Cat. No. CBR, corner mount bracket, or wall mounted using the Cat. No. WBR, wall mount bracket.
Designed to attract attention or indicate equipment malfunctions in noisy areas. Used in security systems to visually show indication of an intrusion. Also used in factory and distribution facilities to alert workers of oncoming fork truck traffic.
101 Series Image
  • 1~5 Tiers
  • 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 120 VAC
  • Variety of Module Types
  • PLC Compatible
  • UL; cUL Approvals
The Edwards AdaptaLight Stackable Beacon is a unique audible-visual signaling device which can contain up to 5 light modules and a pulsating horn in a single "stack". It is for heavy duty use in locations where visibility over longer distances is required. All modules are gasketed. The base of the AdaptaLight Stackable Beacon contains a pulsating horn rated at 85dB at 10 feet. The horn can be operated as a sixth independant signal or in con junction with any one of the light modules.
The steady-on modules provide a constant visual signal. They are ideal for start/stop functions, on/off process or continuous duty visual signaling applications.
The flashing modules command immediate attention. They work well as a warning signal when used with the steady-on module. Applications include signaling or equipment malfunction.
The strobe modules are ideal for high ambient light areas. It can effectively signal urgent status changes when used in conjunction with the incandescent or LED light modules. The LED modules are best for applications where long life (120,000 hours) is a requirement.
The AdaptaLight can be surface or 1/2" (13mm) NPT conduit pipe mounted in non-hazardous dust and weatherproof applications. For indoor applications, it may be vertically mounted with lenses facing either up or down. For weatherproof installation, the unit must be mounted vertically with lenses facing up. May also be corner mounted using the Cat. No. CBR, corner mount bracket, or wall mounted, using the Cat. No. WBR, wall mount bracket.
StreamLine LP3L Series Image
  • 24 VDC or 120 VAC
  • 5 Dome/Lens Colors
  • Variety of Mounting Options
  • 4X Type Enclosure
  • 100,000 Hour LED Lamp Life
Federal Signal introduces the Model LP3L low profile LED light. The Type 4X light is available in five LED/lens color combinations; amber, blue, clear, green and red. All LP3 models feature the easy access screw on lens.
The LP3L is offered in four mounting configurations; LP3PL with an integrated 1/2-inch NPT pipe mount, LP3ML features an integrated 1/2-inch male pipe mount, LP3TL features a T formation base with 2 mounting holes for wall or flush mounting and the LP2SL features a three hole surface mounting configuration. The T-mount and Surface mount units include surface gaskets to maintain the 4X installation.
The LP3L series is available in 24VDC and 120VAC. All models include the vibration resistant, double contact bayonet style 100,000 hour LED module.
Like all StreamLine products, the LP3L is designed with OEM applications in mind. It is economical, easy to install and attractive. Careful consideration has been given to the relationship between the LED light source and the lens design for maximum light output.
When your application calls for a compact signal with unparalleled reliability, Federal Signal's StreamLine products are the clear choice.
FB2PST Series Image
  • 12~24 VDC or 120 VAC/240 VAC
  • 6 Dome Colors
  • 10,000 Hour Lamp Life
  • 1/2 inch Pipe/Surface Mount
  • UL; cUL; CSA Approvals
Federal Signal's brightest and most compact strobe light, the Fireball emits a powerful "lightning bolt" flash of light. Approximately five inches tall and four inches in diameter and rated at 300 effective candela, the Fireball is an economical solution to a wide variety of stationary and vehicular warning requirements. The Fireball is available in 12-24VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC and 240VAC. All models are UL Listed and CSA Certified. The FB2PST is available in six colors - amber, blue, clear, green, magenta, and red.
The 24VDC Model FB2PST-I features a voltage in-rush limiting PCB design that provides greater compatibility with factory automation control systems and less electrical interference with in-rush sensitive devices.
The Fireball features a unique dome that twists off easily for quick dome and lamp replacements. The newly redesigned base features an integrated 1/2-inch pipe mount base as well as the three holes required for surface mount configurations. Black epoxy paint is electrostatically applied to the base for superior corrosion resistance. The Fireball dome and base design provides a watertight, dust-tight and corrosion resistant Type 4X rating.
The FB2PST is designed for stationary pipe and surface mount applications. The Fireball can be used in any application where a superior visual signal is needed. It is especially effective in the warning of industrial hazards, process control, status indication and in areas with high ambient noise levels.
Federal Signal's Fireball Strobe is a very low-maintenance warning light for industrial applications where a vibration-resistant light is required to signal an emergency or process status.
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