Wire Tracers

Wire Pulling
Blowing Systems, Carriers & Line Packages, Wire Dispensers, Fish Tape/Reels, Powered Pullers, Wire Pulling Lubricants

Wire Identification
Wire Markers

Wire Harnesses
Expandable Tubing, Split Loom, Spiral Wire Wrap

Wire and Cable
Battery Cable, Flexible Busbars, Coaxial Cable, Jumper Wire Kit, Multiple Conductor, Single Conductor, Wire Assortments

Vibration Testers

HVAC Valves
Actuated Valve Assemblies, Linkages, Thermostatic Valves, Pressure Regulators, Valve Actuators, Valve Bodies, Vents and Eliminators

Triac Controls

Torque Testers
Torque Calibrater, Torque Meters

Thermostat Guards

Thermoelectric Coolers

Test Stands

Cable Protectors

Temporary Lighting
Area Lighting, Bay Lighting, Hand Lamps, Stringlights, Task Lighting

Tach Generators

Accessories, Hardshell Cases, Case Locks, Softshell Cases, Tool Belts, Tool Pouches

Expansion Tanks

Strut Hardware,



Signs and Signage
Admittance Signs, Alert Signs, ANSI Z535 Safety Signs, Blank Signs, Braille Signs, Confined Space Signs, Construction Signs, Door Signs, Eco Friendly Safety Signs, Exit Signs and Signage, Fire Signs, Floor Signs, First Aid Signs and Signage, Funny Signs, Glow-in-the-Dark Signs, Hazard Signs, Personal Hygiene Signs, IMO Signs, Lockout Tagout Signs, Maintenance Signs, Personal Protective Wear Signs, Restroom Signs, Safety Signs, Security Signs, No Smoking Signs, Spanish Signs, Temporary Signs, Traffic Signs

Semiconductor Clamps

Safety Relays
Contact Expansions, Electronic Monitoring, E-Stop, Muting, Pressure Sensitive Mats, Standstill Monitoring, Time Monitoring, Two-Hand Operation

Safety Mats


Conveyor Idlers
Brackets, Idlers

Cable Entries
Brush Pass-Through Frames, Cable Grommets, Cable Entry Frames & Kits, Cable Entry Plates, Cable Glands, Grommet Edging, Cable Entry Frame Grommet Modules

Power Jacks
Binding Posts, Modular, Panel Mount, Wall Plate

In-Line Pumps

Pressure Switches
Electronic Pressure Switches, Mechanical Pressure Switches


Pipe Heaters
Connection Kits, Controllers, Constant Wattage Heating Cable, Monitors, Self Regulating Heating Cables, Thermostats


Phase Converters

Power Factor Correction Capacitors
Individual and Banks

Networking and Communication
Cellular M2M, Communication Converters, Ethernet Switches, Tosibox

Damper Actuators,

DC Link Chokes

Controllers, Roof and Gutter

Industrial Punch, Knockout Drivers, Specialty Punch

Interface Module
Component Holder, D-Subminiature

Intrinsically Safe Barriers


Electronic Hygrostats, Pneumatic Hygrostats

Drum Heaters

HVAC Relays
Fan Switching

Electric Power Tools
Conduit Bending, Crimpers, Cutters, Heat Guns

Electroluminescent Wire


Absolute, Direct Connection Cables, Incremental, Interface Modules, Linear Encoders

Heat Sinks
Solid State Relay Heat Sinks

Bolts, Staples

Hall-Effect Pick Ups

Heat Exchangers
Air-to-Air, Water-to-Air



Electronic Air Cleaners, Media and Replacement Air Filters, UV Air Purifiers, Water Filters

Fluid Control

Force Gauges
Digital Force Gauges, Mechanical Force Gauges

First Aid

Benches, Part Bins, Lighting, Pedestals and Drawers, Power Strip, Seating, Shelving

Power Centers
Portable Power Centers

Gas Power Tools
Glue Guns, Torches

Pulling Grips, Support Grips

Grounding Clamps, Grounding Plates, Ground Straps, Ground Studs, Ground Taps, Neutral Bars

Handheld Tachometers


Test Equipment
Camera, Test Equipment Accessories, Test Equipment Kits

Liquid Level Indicators

LED Bar, LED Strip, Radial Leads, Surface Mount LEDs


Industrial Accessories
Handle Operators

Hole Making
Drill Bits, Drill Bit Sets, Hole Saws

HVAC Sensors
Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors

Blower Heaters, Circulation Heaters, Component Heaters, Comfort Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Process Air Heaters

Economizers, Humidity Controllers, Temperature Control, Electric Thermostats, Pneumatic Thermostats, Ventilation Controllers, Zone Control


Hydraulic Power Tools
Conduit Bending, Crimpers

Hydraulic Regulators, Pneumatic Regulators

Air Conditioners

Air Quality Meters

DropIn Bolt Anchors, Expander Anchors, Hollow Wall Anchors, Lead Machine Screw Anchors, Plastic Anchors, Screw Shields, Sleeve Anchors, Split Bolt Anchors, Strike Set Anchors, Toggle Anchors, Threaded Rod Anchoring Systems, Wedge Anchors, Winged Anchors


Audible Signaling Devices
Bells, Buzzers, Horns, Piezoelectric Transducers, Sirens, Sounders

CFL Ballasts, Fluorescent Ballasts, HID Ballasts

Alkaline Batteries

Beam Clamps


Bar Hangers, Cast Device Boxes, Ceiling Boxes, Conduit Outlet Boxes, Concrete Boxes, Masonry Boxes, Octagon Outlets, Outlet Boxes, Outlet Box w/ Cover, Switch Boxes, Wet Location Outlet Boxes

Bridge Rectifiers
Single Phase Standard Diode Bridges, Three Phase Standard Diode Bridges

Bus Drops
Bus Drop Clamps, Bus Drop Springs

Anti-Short Bushings, Insulated Throat Bushings, Knockout Bushing, Non-Insulated Throat Bushing

Cable Clamps

Cable Tie Mounts
Cable Tie Mounting Pads

Cable Ties
Strain Relief Mounting Plates

General Purpose AC Capacitors, General Purpose DC Capacitors, Lighting Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Motor Run Capacitors, Motor Start Capacitors, SCR Commutation Capacitors, SCR Snubber Capacitors

Beaded Chains, Jack Chains

Conformal Coatings, Contact Cleaners, Dusters, Electrical Joint Compounds, ESD Management Chemicals, Flux Removers, Freeze Spray, Adhesives, Hand Cleaner, Heat Sink Compound, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lubricants, Maintenance Cleaners, Potting Compound, Threadlockers, Touch Up Compounds, Touch Up Compound Sprays, Wipes

Circuit Breakers
Miniature Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Subminiature Circuit Breakers

Conduit Elbows, Jacketed Metallic Flexible Conduit, Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit, Rigid, EMI/RFI Shielded Flexible Conduit, Un-Jacketed Metallic Flexible Conduit

Conduit Mounts
Conduit Clamps, Conduit Hangers, Conduit Stand-Offs

Conduit Outlet Bodies
Conduit Outlet Bodies, Conduit Outlet Body Covers, Conduit Outlet Body Gaskets, Service Entrance ELLs

Single Pole Cam-Type, Bolt Connectors, Circular Connectors, Coaxial Cable Connectors, Compression, Mechanical

AC Mechanically Interlocked IEC Contactors, AC Mechanically Interlocked NEMA, AC Non-Reversing IEC Contactors, AC Non-Reversing NEMA Contactors, AC Reversing IEC Contactors, AC Reversing NEMA Contactors, Contact Kits, Contact Replacement Kits, DC Drive Contactors, Definite Purpose Contactors, Lighting Contactors, Mechanically Interlocked Miniature, Miniature Controls, Reversing Definite Purpose Contactors, Solid State Contactors, AC Vacuum Non-Reversing, Welding Contactors

Control Relays

Extension Cord Reels, Extension Cords, Portable GFCIs, Power Cables, Sensors

Electric Totalizing Counters, Electromechanical Counters, Electromechanical Predetermining Counters, Mechanical Counters, Mechanical Predetermining, Multifunction Counter Timers, Electronic Predetermining Counters

Combination Couplers, Conduit Couplers, Deflection and Expansion Couplers, Flexible Couplers, Ground Jumper Couplers

Outlet Box Covers

Current Transformers

DeIcing Accessories
Downspout hangars, Power Connection Kits, Sensors, Seal Kits, Temperature Probe, Universal Roof Mounting Clips

Desoldering Wick, Desoldering Braid

Avalanche, Fast Recovery Diodes, Standard Recovery Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Zener Diodes

Enclosed Disconnect Bypass Switches, Enclosed Disconnects, Open Disconnects, Enclosed Disconnect Transfer Switches, Open Disconnect Transfer Switches

Distance Meters

Bits, Nut Drivers, Screwdrivers, Screwdriver Sets

AC Drives, AC Inverters, Inverter Drives, DC Drives, Pre-Engineered, Servo Drives

Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure Lights

Enclosures, Metallic Enclosures
Enclosure Accessories, Metallic Consoles, Floor Mount Enclosures, HMI Covers, Enclosure Panels, Pushbutton Enclosures, Rack Mount, Wall Mount Enclosures

Axial Fans, Fan Filters, Blower Wheels, Centrifugal Blowers, Crossflow Blowers, Fan Blades, Filter Fans, Motorized Impellers, Motors, Packaged Blowers, Radial Blowers, Tray Fans

EMI/RFI Filters, Harmonic Mitigation, Motor Protection

Box Spacers, Conduit and Cable Connectors, Elbows, Sealing Gaskets, Knockout Reducing Washers, Conduit Locknuts, Conduit Nipples, Pull Elbows, Bushing Pennies, Plugs, Conduit Reducers, Sealing Compound, Sealing Fittings, Sill Plates, Split Bolts, Conduit Tees, Threaded Adapters, Union Fittings

Automotive Fuseholders, British Standard (BS88) Fuseblocks, Class CC Fuseholders, Class G Fuseholders, Class H Fuseholders, Class J Fuseholders, Class R Fuseholders, Class T Fuseholders, Cube Fuse Holders, IEC Ferrule Fuseholders, Japanese Fuseblocks, Midget Fuseholders, Miniature Fuseholders, Plating Rectifier Fuseholders, Semiconductor Fuseholders

Automotive Fuses, British Standard Fuses, BS88 Fuses, Canadian Fuses, Capacitor Fuses, Cube Fuses, Bottle Type D Fuses, Diazed Fuses, Digital Multimeter Fuses, HRC I Type J Fuses, IEC Ferrule Fuses, Foreign Semiconductor Fuses, Japanese Fuses, Supplementary Fuses, Midget Fuses, Miniature Fuses, Medium Voltage Fuses, American Semiconductor Fuses, NATO- Joint Service Fuses, Bottle Type D0 Fuses, Neozed Fuses, NH Type Fuses, PC Mount Fuses, Plating Rectifier Fuses, Plug Fuses, Solar, Telecommunications Fuses, UL Class CC Fuses, UL Class G Fuses, UL Class H Fuses, UL Class J Fuses, UL Class K5 Fuses, UL Class L Fuses, UL Class RK1 Fuses, UL Class RK5 Fuses, UL Class T Fuses

Hand Tools
Brushes, Clamps, Files, Fuse Pullers, Manual Conduit Bending, Knives, Measuring Tools, Pliers and Snips, Prying Tools, Punches and Chisels, Staple Guns, Striking Tools, Swabs, Tweezers

Human Machine Interfaces, Touchscreens, Backlit LCDs, Text LCDs

I/O Modules
Input Modules, Output Modules


Inductive Proximity Sensors
Cylinder Position Inductive Proximity Sensors, General Purpose Inductive Proximity Sensors, Submersible

Electrical Standoff Insulators

Counting Dials, Standard Knobs

Dot Matrix Labels, Ink Jet Labels, Laser Labels, Portable Printer Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels

Lamp Testers

Light Curtains

Light Meters

Limit Switches
Compact Limit Switches, Industrial Limit Switches, Miniature Limit Switches, Operating Levers, Rotary Limit Switches

Line Reactors

Linear Transducers


Manual Motor Controllers

Manual Motor Protectors
1 Phase Manual Motor Protectors, Manual Motor Protectors

Metal Oxide Varistors
Axial Lead Metal Oxide Varistors, Panel Mount Metal Oxide Varistors, Radial Lead Metal Oxide Varistors, Surface Monut Metal Oxide Varistors

AC Motors, DC Motors, Servo Motors

Analog Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Digital Multimeters

Name Brand Replacements
Assemblies, Auxiliary Contacts, Ballasts, Batteries, Bridge Rectifiers, Brushes, Capacitors, Circuit Boards, Circuit Breakers, Chill Blocks, Chokes, Clamps, Coils, Coil Bases, Connectors, Contactors, CRTs, Crystals, Diodes, Drives, Encoders, Fans, Filters, Force Gauges, Fuses, GTOs, Hardware, Heaters, Heat Sinks, Integrated Circuits, Indicators, Interlocks, Keypads, Lamps, LEDs, Modules, Monitors, Motors, Mounts, Overload Relays, Over Voltage Protectors, Panel Meters, Potentiometers, Power Converters, Power Modules, Power Supplies, RC Networks, Reactors, Line Reactors, Rectifiers, Resistors, Resolvers, Rheostats, Relays, SCRs, Sensors, Shunts, Sockets, Relay Sockets, Starters, Suppressors, Switches, Tachometers, Thermistors, Transducers, Transformers, Transistors, Triacs, Tubes, Unit Poles, Varistors

Cap Nuts, Flange Whiz Nuts, Hex Nuts, Nylock Nuts, Wing Nuts

Analog, Digital Oscilloscopes

Outlet Strips, Power Outlet Strips, Extension Cords

Overload Relays
Electronic Overload Relays, Thermal Overload Relays

Acrylic Enamel Paints, Marking Paints

Panel Meters Gauges
Analog Panel Meters, Digital Potentiometer, Digital Panel Meters, Gauges

Personal Protection Equipment
Arc Flash Bib Overalls, Arc Flash Coats, Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Flash Hoods, Arc Flash Jackets, Boots, Kneepads, Leather Protector Gloves, Rain Gear, Insulating Rubber Gloves, Hi-Visibility Clothing, Work Gloves

Phase Rotation Testers

Photoelectric Sensors
Clear Object Detectors, Convergent Mode, Diffuse Reflective, Retro-Reflective, Thru Beam

Pilot Lights

Pipe Heating Accessories
Contactors, End of Circuit Lights, Insulation Entry Kits, Molded Silicone Terminations, Pipe and Tank Adapters, Splice Kits, Shrinkable Terminations, Tape, Terminal Enclosures, Voltage Adjuster, Warning Signs

Plugs and Receptacles
Pin and Sleeve Receptacles, Power Distribution Units, Rectangular Connectors, Round and Oval Connectors, Straight Blade Plugs, Street Light Connector, Straight Blade Adapters, Twist Lock Plugs

PC Mount Potentiometers, Panel Mount Potentiometers, Potentiometer Operators, Precision Potentiometers, Trimmer Potentiometers

Power Distribution Blocks, Distribution Blocks
Power Distribution Blocks, Distribution Blocks

Power Modules
Standard Diode Power Modules, Fast Recovery Diode Power Modules, Fast SCR Power Modules, Fast Hybrid SCR-Diode Power Modules, Standard SCR Power Modules, Hybrid SCR-Diode Power Modules, Hybrid SCR-High Voltage Diode Power Modules, Schottky Power Modules

Power Monitoring Devices
Power Usage Meter, Power Analyzers

Power Supplies
AC Adapters, Battery Chargers, Benchtop, DC AC Inverters, DC DC Converters, Frequency Converters, Linear Power Supplies, Switching Power Supplies, Unregulated Power Supplies, UPS Systems

Printer Accessories

Process Controllers
Power Controllers,

Programmable Logic Controllers

Promotional Items

Protection Relays
Current Switches,

Railroad Testers

RC Networks

Alternating Relays, Automotive Relays, Field Loss Relays, General Purpose Relays, Intrinsically Safe Relays, Latching Relays, Reed Relays, Relay Sockets, Solid State Relays, Timing Relays

Remote Access Interfaces

Resistance Meters
Milliohm Resistance Meters, Megohm Resistance Meters

Bracket Mount Resistors, PC Mount Resistors, Panel Mount Resistors, Surface Mount Resistors


S Hooks

Safety Consulting and Engineering Services

Safety Door Switches
Operator Interface Devices, Coded Non-Contact Safety Switches, Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Switches, Mechanical Safety Switches, Safety Rope Switch

Safety Switches

Screw Clamps
Double Deck Blocks, Disconnect Blocks, Fuse Holder Blocks, Grounding Blocks, Indicator Diode Blocks, Multiclamp Blocks, Neutral Disconnect Blocks, Surge Suppressor Blocks, Stud Type Blocks, Standard Blocks, Thermocouple Blocks, Three Level Sensor Blocks, Triple Deck Blocks

Concrete Screws, Grounding Screws, Hex Lag Screws, Machine Screws, Metal Piercing Stud Screws, Screw Cap, Sheet Metal Screws, Stainless Steel Screws, Brass Screws, Bronze Screws, Tek Screws, Tamperproof Screws, Wood Screws

Asymmetric Thyristors, Gate Turn Off Thyristors, Inverter SCRs, Phase Control SCRs

Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Current Sensors, Float Switches, Flow Sensors, Ground Fault Sensors, Magnetic, RTDs, Sensing Gears, Ultrasonic Sensors, Thermocouples

Shrink Tubing
Shrink Tubing Assortments, Heat Shrink Tubing Assortments

Base Mount Shunts, Busbar Mount Shunts

Signaling Devices
Combination Signaling Devices, Traffic Lights

Soft Starters
Enclosed Soft Starter, Soft Starters

Flux, Removal Alloy, Solder Bars, Soldering Wire

Soldering Tools
Soldering Guns, Soldering Irons, Soldering Stations

Sound Meters

Spring Clamps
Double Deck Blocks, Grounding Blocks, Standard Blocks

AC Non-Reversing, AC Reversing

Surge Protective Devices, SPDs

Dimmer, Light Switches, Occupancy Sensor

Cam Switches, Enabling, Flow Switches, Foot Switch, Joysticks, Legend Plates, Molded Case, Non-Contact Magnetic Switches, Illuminated Pushbuttons, Non-Illuminated Pushbuttons, Rocker Switches, Illuminated Selector Switches, Non-Illuminated Selector Switches, Tap Switches, Toggle Switches

Panel Mount

Terminal Blocks
End Plates, End Stops, DIN Rail, Terminal Strips

AlumiConn, Closed End Connectors, Compression Lugs, Ferrules, Mechanical Lugs, Pigtail Adapters, Push-In Connectors, Solderless Terminals, Soldering Lugs, Wire Nuts, Splice Kits

Continuity Testers, Voltage Testers

Contact Thermometers, Non-Contact Thermometers, Probe Input Thermometers, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Thermographic Cameras, Infrared Cameras

Disc Thermostats, Thermostats

Threaded Rods

Elapsed Time Indicators, Preset Timers

Force Transducers, Pressure Transducers, Signal Transducers

Constant Voltage Transformers, Drive Isolation Transformers, General Purpose Transformers, Power Centers, Voltage Potential Transformers, Variable Transformers



Electronically Operated Valves, Valves

Variable Voltage Controllers

Visual Signaling Devices
Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Marquees, Obstruction Lights, Signal Lights, Stacklights

Vortex Tubes

Belleville Washers, Finish Cup Washers, Flat Cut Washers, Fender Washers, Octagonal Washers, Sealing Washers, Split Lock Washers, Toothed Lock Washers

Wire Duct
Flexible Duct, Panel Duct


Wrenches Sockets Ratchets and Accessories
Socket and Ratchet Accessories, Hex Keys, Hex Key Sets, Ratchets, Socket Sets, Sockets, Wrenches, Wrench Sets