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ITEM # WT-524A
MFG # WT-524A

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Galco send-in repair is only available in the US and Canada.
Free Repair Evaluation and Estimate In 3 Easy Steps!
  1. Get a REPAIR TRACKING NUMBER for your free repair evaluation. Call 800-575-5562, fax 800-542-8031 or email sales@galco.com
  2. Pack it with care, to prevent shipping damage.
  3. Ship it to:
    Galco Industrial Electronics
    1001 East Lincoln Ave
    Madison Heights, MI 48071
    (Reference your REPAIR TRACKING NUMBER on the outside of your shipping container)
What we'll do:
Contact You Evaluate - Within 3-5 days (typical) we will evaluate and estimate your repair.
Contact You Contact You - Upon receipt of your repair, we'll inspect it and then contact you with a quote.
Get Your Approval Get Your Approval - We'll ask you for your approval to proceed (you may eliminate this step by sending your PO with your item needing repair, along with the approved amount, turnaround time, and shipping instructions).
No Obligation No Obligation - If you decide not to proceed, we will gladly ship your item back to you at no charge, and we'll even pick up the shipping.
Repair Your Item Repair Your Item - Upon your approval, we will repair your item with the turnaround time of your choice.
Testing and Quality Control Testing and Quality Control - Upon completion of your repair, we will load test your item in a test fixture to assure reliability of the repair. Before staging your item for shipment, your repair must pass three levels of inspections to check for complete functionality and quality of repair to ensure proper performance when installed.
Testing and Quality Control Ship it to you - Upon completion of your repair, rigorous testing and the passing of a three-level quality inspection, we will ship your item back to you.
Testing and Quality Control 18 Month Warranty - Repairs are covered by a 18 month "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.  This means that the entire item you send in for repair will be covered, not just the portions we fix.  See Policy & Procedures for details.
*Galco is not an authorized distributor for this brand  Click here for details.
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