RL Series Line/Load Reactors
Reduce Harmonics! IGBT-compatible

Guard-AC line/load reactors help keep your equipment running longer by absorbing many of the power line disturbances which otherwise damage or shut down your inverters, variable speed controllers, or other sensitive equipment. They are the modern technology solution to inverter and drive application problems. Guard-AC reactors are harmonic compensated and IGBT protected to assure optimum performance in the presence of harmonics. They are very effective at reducing harmonics produced by inverters and drives, and in most cases will help you to meet IEEE 519. Use MTE harmonic compensated reactors on either the input or output of an adjustable speed drive/inverter. There is no need to derate MTE's "harmonic compensated" reactors for harmonics.
    3-Phase Line/Load Reactors Features and Benefits:
    • Harmonic compensated and IGBT compatible
    • Protect motors from long lead effects
    • Reduce output voltage dv/dt
    • Virtually eliminate nuisance tripping
    • Extend semiconductor life
    • Reduce harmonic distortion
    • Reduce surge currents
    • Reduce motor temperature
    • Reduce motor audible noise
    • Improve true power factor
    • Helps meet IEEE 519 or EN 61000‑3‑4
    Guard-AC reactors are manufactured to the exacting standards of MIL-I-45208, VDE-0550, are UL recognized and CSA certified. All UL approvals are for USA and Canada.  Approvals:
    • CSA File #LR29753, open units up to 2400A
    • UL‑508 File #E180243, open and enclosed up to 2400A
    • All higher current reactors offer UL recognized insulation systems and construction
    CHOOSE YOUR IMEPEDANCE VALUE Use a 3% Line Reactor to:
    • Absorb power line spikes and motor current surges
    • Prevent nuisance tripping of drives or circuit breakers in most applications
    Use a 5% Line Reactor to:
    • Reduce harmonic distortion and surge currents
    • Comply with IEEE 519
    • Reduce motor operating temperature and noise
    • Extend motor life
    Selection Instructions: To choose a line or load reactor see the RL selection guide for HP, voltage and desired impedance. Using this part number and the RL specifications, verify the line current will not exceed the fundamental amps rating of the reactor. Galco carries the full line of RL reactors. If your part is not shown, click HERE to search.

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      RL Series Line/Load Reactors 
Reduce Harmonics! IGBT-compatible RL Series Line/Load Reactors 
Reduce Harmonics! IGBT-compatible RL Series Line/Load Reactors 
Reduce Harmonics! IGBT-compatible


        Part # AMPS INDUCTANCE Price
      For help in selecting a reactor see selection instructions below.
      212.0 mh 91.19
      220.0 mh 95.34
      43.0 mh 92.02
      46.5 mh 94.51
      49.0 mh 98.65
      412.0 mh 112.74
      81.5 mh 96.16
      83.0 mh 108.60
      85.0 mh 131.81
      87.5 mh 150.88
      121.25 mh 113.57
      122.5 mh 121.03
      124.2 mh 173.26
      180.8 mh 148.39
      181.5 mh 151.71
      182.5 mh 201.45
      250.5 mh 155.85
      251.2 mh 175.75
      252.0 mh 229.63
      350.4 mh 175.75
      350.8 mh 184.04
      351.2 mh 281.03
      450.3 mh 231.29
      450.7 mh 277.72
      451.2 mh 353.98
      550.50 mh 319.17
      800.20 mh 298.44
      800.40 mh 426.94
      800.70 mh 744.44
      1000.15 mh 382.17
      1000.30 mh 419.47
      1000.50 mh 841.44
      1300.20 mh 557.09
      1300.30 mh 847.24
      1600.15 mh 799.99
      1600.23 mh 936.77
      2000.11 mh CALL
      200.185 mh CALL
      2500.09 mh CALL
      2500.15 mh CALL
      in-stock parts
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