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Search Tips

  • All searches are case insensitive.
  • Manufacturer: The list contains many of the major manufacturers that we list in our on-line product catalog. The list is not all-inclusive; if you are looking for a part from a manufacturer not listed, please try a part number search.
  • Part Number: You may enter a complete part number or the first few letters of a part number. For example, a search on "TD250N16" will match parts "TD250N16/25KOF" and "TD250N16KOF".
  • Description: You may enter a complete word or the first few letters of a word that should be included anywhere in the description of a product. For example, a search on "MULTI" will match parts that have the words "MULTIMETER" or "MULTI-PURPOSE" in their descriptions. A search on "METER" will list parts with "PANEL METER" in their descriptions, but will not match parts with "MULTIMETER" in their descriptions.
  • You must select a manufacturer, enter the first few characters of a part number, or enter a description of greater than 3 characters.

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Catalog Information

  • The Product Catalog is a searchable index of a subset of Galco's industrial electronics and electronic control products. This catalog includes links for more information, and allows most parts to be purchased on-line. Note: Some parts will be listed with an "Inquire" link instead of the normal "Buy It" link. Clicking on "Inquire" will open an e_mail to be sent to one of Galco's customer service representatives.
  • The Repair Catalog is a searchable index of Galco's repair services, calibration services and remanufactured products.
  • If you are unable to find your product or repair service in our on-line catalogs please contact us to request assistance from a Galco technician.

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Browser Information

  • In order to use our catalogs and on-line shopping features, your browser must accept cookies. Cookies set by Galco are used to keep your order information and shopping cart organized. Unless you specifically ask for your contact and shipping information to be retained, these cookies are available only to the Galco web server for the duration of the current browser session.
  • Portions of our site use JavaScript to provide a more functional browser interface. Please enable JavaScript.
  • Our pages are best viewed with Microsoft� Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher, or Netscape� Communicator version 4.6 or higher. However, our site can be viewed with other browsers/versions that accept cookies and allow JavaScript to be executed. If you are having a browser compatibility problem, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include a description of the problem and the browser/version that you are using.

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Registration Info

  • Under some circumstances, established customers may be issued a user id and password. A user id and password is not required to browse our on-line catalogs or to purchase products on-line.
  • Customers that have been issued a user id and password can log in to our system with the Registered User Login link. After successfully logging in, you should see the text "You are registered as a representative of YOUR COMPANY" near the top of the Parts or Repair Catalog. If you have been issued a user id and password but are not able to successfully log in, please send an email to [email protected].

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