ABB ACS550 AC Drive Series

The ABB ACS550 AC drive consists of a combination of intelligent and advanced technology. A microprocessor with a progressive IGBT power switching technology delivers V/Hz, Closed Loop Flux Vector and Sensorless Vector control of AC motors. The ABB ACS550 sophisticated control panel offers many benefits, making it one of the most user-friendly panels in the drives industry. The extensive library of pre-programmed application macros maximizes convenience and drastically cuts down start-up time. The ABB ACS550 drive is capable of handling very demanding industrial applications - efficiently and economically.
ABB ACS550 Series Information

ABB ACS550 Series Information:
  • General Purpose
  • Sensorless Vector Control
  • 0.75 to 550hp
  • 240V to 600V, 1 & 3-Phase
  • NEMA 1 (IP21), NEMA 12 opt.

The ABB ACS550 standard drive is simple to select, install, configure and use, saving considerable time. The drive has common user and process interface with fieldbus, common software tools for sizing, commissioning, maintenance, and common spare parts. Typical applications include pump, fan and constant-torque use, such as conveyors.
  • Easy installation & trouble-free start-up
  • Advanced control panel permitting intuitive operation
  • Patented swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
  • Integral EMC filter for 1st environment as standard
  • Built-in Modbus & numerous internally mountable fieldbus adapters
  • UL, cUL listed and CE approved (600V product is CSA approved, not CE)

ABB ACS550 AC Drive Specs:
  • Series: ACS550
  • Nominal Input VAC: 208 - 575 Volts AC
  • HP (CT): 0.75 - 500 Horsepower
  • Amps (CT): 2.4 - 590 Amps
  • HP (VT): 1 - 550 Horsepower
  • Amps (VT): 2.7 - 645 Amps
  • Input Phase: 3
ABB ACS550 Diagrams
The following diagram shows the terminal layout for frame size R3, which, in general, applies to frame sizes R1-R6 (except for R5/R6 power and ground terminals).

ABB ACS550 Power Connection Diagram
ABB ACS550 Video Overview