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Pilz International - The Spirit of Safety
Pilz is a leading innovative automation technology company. As experts in human, machine and environmental safety, Pilz provides worldwide, customer-oriented solutions for all industries. The Pilz international team provides professional services for Machinery Safety. In addition, Pilz offers worldwide integrated safety management from the simplest safety sensor to a complete plant risk assessment. Qualified consultants are available for risk assessment, safety concept, safety design, CE services, and safety sign-off, ensuring that lean and safe concepts are implemented.
Renate Pilz has been the Managing Partner since 1994; together with her daughter Susanne Kunschert and her son Thomas Pilz, they form the management board of a company that now operates worldwide. In addition to the company headquarters in Ostfildern, Germany, Pilz has 26 subsidiaries and branch offices to support users on all continents, providing local sales and direct engineering services.
Their United States headquarters in Canton, Michigan was specifically developed to build on Pilz outstanding service and increasing customer base throughout North America. With more than 1500 staff members, Pilz continues to follow their guiding principle "the spirit of safety".

The Industry of Pilz
The versatility of Pilz products can be seen throughout the many industries in which they are incorporated. Some of these major industries include:
  • Automotive - The need for cost effective production and machinery safety is so important to the automotive industry. Production processes including press plants, robotic welding, paint finishing systems or assembly lines create differing requirements for machinery safety. The challenge is to integrate the safety requirements and to guarantee high efficiency and availability in equipment.
  • Steel - In this day and age, steel and aluminum rank amongst the most important materials to any industry. The processing of these special materials requires a high level of safety, due to the wide variance of machines and facilities including: blast furnaces, reversing mills, extrusion molding, thickness measuring units, finish saws and packaging machinery. Harsh environmental conditions must be considered as part of machine safety requirements.
  • Tissue and Paper - Paper production coincides with the use of hazardous machinery. The threading of paper, the high rotation speed and the vast size of the machines create risks that are challenging to achieve machine safety. Special safeguarding systems are required for dangerous interventions with paper machinery. These safeguarding systems include controlling crawl speeds, fixed guarding, "hold-to-run" or "pre-start" alarms.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods - From adhesives to washing powder, cosmetics to smart-phones, contact lenses to tobacco, the world's leading brand manufacturers and their suppliers of consumer packaging use high levels of automation and machinery to produce and package their products. The trend is for CPG manufacturers to publish occupational safety performance data demonstrating their commitment to safe and sustainable business. Many brands are manufactured safely in partnership with Pilz.
  • Food and Beverage - Consumer diversity in globalized markets are key factors that define the dynamic and competitive food and beverage business. Refining flavors and ingredients, preparing your products and high speed filling and packaging requires effective management of a wide range of plant and machine assets. The food and beverage industry constantly requires integration of new machinery or updating existing machinery, whilst maintaining existing production time lines. Through services and products provided by Pilz, possible hazards of Food and Beverage plants are reduced with risk assessments and safety validation.
  • Pharmaceutical - The pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry employ diverse technology, plant and machinery in the production of active ingredients, tablets, filling capsules and other dispensers and packaging. Effective machinery safety must consider regulatory constraints and other factors such as explosive atmospheres, toxicity of ingredients and use of cooling, heating and inverting agents. These structured processes are essential to machinery safety. Pilz has accreditation from TUV for the design and implementation of functional safety systems in accordance with EN IEC 61508.

The Spirit of Safety The above photo demonstrates Pilz products working within the automotive industry, as well as the principle that Pilz products are manufactured upon; The Spirit of Safety.
Pilz International History
Back in 1948 Hermann Pilz founded the Pilz Company as a glass-blowing business in Esslingen, Germany. He laid the foundation for the success of an independent, medium-sized family business. Starting with the manufacture of glass apparatus for medical technology and mercury relays for industrial applications, Hermann Pilz molded his own style of management.
From Hermann Pilz initial involvement at the end of the sixties, and later under the management of Peter Pilz, the company developed in accordance with vision-led management methods, which offered the courage for innovation and expansion. The outcome today is the research and development competence in the field of automation technology that so typifies Pilz.
Because of their strategic advancements, Pilz was able to launch one of the first German programmable logic controllers, the PC4K, back in 1974, based on the EUROPILZ SYSTEM that had been developed in 1969. Their history of innovation also includes the development of the first Emergency Safety Relay, the PNOZ product line, which has become the industry standard; the world's first all-electronic safety relay, the PNOZe1p; the first 16 amp safety relay, the PNOZpower; one of the first Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's); and now the World's First Safe Camera System for 3-D Monitoring and Control.
Even today, the Pilz family guarantees the continuity of business development and the company's independence.

Photo of the Peter Pilz Technology Center Pictured above is the Peter Pilz Technology Center, where all Research and Development for Pilz International is conducted.
Pilz Safety Products
Pilz has a range of products that cover many different industries and many different applications within those industries. Some of their product line includes Sensor Technology, Control Technology, Networks, Drive Technology, Operator and Visualization Systems and Software.
  • Sensor Technology - When there's a high degree of automation, safety sensors are absolutely essential in ensuring the highest level of cost effectiveness and process safety. Used in conjunction with Pilz safe control technology, Pilz safe sensor technology PSEN provides cost efficient protection for man and machine, in compliance with standards. The Sensor Technology division consists of Position and Proximity Switches, Safety Switches, Safety Gate Systems, Optoelectronic Protective Devices and Safe Camera Systems.
  • Control Technology - The Control Technology division is comprised of Relays for electrical safety, such as voltage or true power monitoring. This product category also includes relays for functional safety, modular programmable control systems, compact programmable control systems, and configurable control systems. Configurable control systems bridge the gap between classic safety relays and programmable control systems. The configurable control system PNOZmulti offers at least 40 % potential savings in all engineering phases thanks to a freely configurable, graphics configuration tool.
  • Networks - Pilz network systems can be used in a variety of surroundings, including implementing wireless communications in an industrial environment. Pilz networks also offer Safe Fieldbus Systems which bring higher performance to extended plants with distributed control logic. Compatible system components are available for Infrastructure components, as well as Ethernet Systems.
  • Drive Technology - The drive technology product range provides an overall solution for automating all machines, from operation via the controller, to the movement of highly dynamic drives. Motion control systems consist of PLC and motion technology. They perform the automation within a plant, including management of all the movements for a large number of physically separate servo axes. Servo amplifiers are used as drive controllers for implementing the widest range of motor technologies. They are used to operate all common types of motors, from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors.
  • Operator and Visualization Systems - As a solution supplier, Pilz offers products from the fields of sensor, control and drive technology. Why not also use products from the field of operating and monitoring? Pilz offers many benefits from coordinated solutions from one source. Selection of the correct control and signal devices is a key factor for the safety of man and machine. Pilz offers a safe solution with Pilz E-STOP pushbuttons, muting lamps and manually operated control devices. They also provide the most diverse range of systems to perform diagnostic and visualization tasks, from the diagnostic units through to powerful operator terminals with touch-screen.
  • Software - Pilz offers innovative software solutions for automation. Design, programming, configuration and commissioning can be achieved quickly and simply using Pilz software. Users can work effectively with intuitive operation. Simple, user-friendly diagnostics ensure high plant availability. Pilz application software provides the widest range of function blocks - for a high level of reusability.

Pilz Sensor Technology
Pilz Safety Switches
Pilz Operator and Visualization Systems
Pilz Safety Relays
Pilz Product Overview
The Pilz product line includes:
  • Sensor Technology - Position monitoring devices, safety switches, gate systems
  • Control Technology - Line inspection, configurable control systems, Relays
  • Networks - Safe fieldbus systems, Ethernet systems, Wireless systems
  • Drive Technology - Motion control systems, servo amplifiers, motors
  • Operator and Visualization Systems - control and signal devices, operator terminals
  • Software - System and utility software, application software

Pilz services include:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Concept
  • Safety Design
  • System Implementation
  • Safety Validation
  • CE Marking
  • International Compliance
  • Plant Assessment
  • Inspection of Safeguarding Devices
  • Safety Training
  • Product Training
Major Industries Served by Pilz International
Pilz serves these major industries:
  • Automotive
  • Steel and Aluminum
  • Tissue and Paper
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Building Products
  • Energy
  • Transport and Logistics

Various Pilz Products
Pilz Video Overview