Time-Delay Fuses
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13/32" x 1-1/2", 600 Volt, 1/4 to 30 Amps FNQ-R

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  • The Bussmann CC-TRON® (FNQ-R) was designed to meet the needs of control circuit transformer protection.
  • Current-limitation protects down stream components against damaging thermal and magnetic effects of short-circuit currents.
  • Rejection feature - FNQ-R fuses meet the U.L. 508,paragraph 19.2.4 requirement that control circuit fuses used in equipment listed for use with more than 10,000 ampere available must have an adequate interrupting rating and must be rejection type.
  • High inrush time-delay - Control circuit transformers can experience inrush currents up to 85 times their full-load current rating. FNQ-R fuses can be sized according to NEC and U.L. requirements and still allow the high inrush currents, with significantly more time-delay than the U.L. minimum value of 12 seconds at 200% for Class CC fuses.
  • Melamine tube. Albaloy-plated brass endcaps.

Maximum Acceptable Rating of Overcurrent Device*

Rated Primary
Max. Rating of Overcurrent
Protective Device Expressed as a
Percent of Transformer Primary
Current Rating
Less than 2A 500**
2A to less than 9A 167
9A or more 125

*  U.L. 508, Table 19.3
**300% for other than motor control applications
CE logo denotes compliance with European Union Low Voltage Directive (50-1000 Vac, 75-1500 Vdc). Refer to BIF document #8002 or contact Bussmann Application Engineering at 314-527-1270 for more information.

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Catalog Symbol: FNQ-R
Application: Circuit Transformer Protection
Ampere Rating: 1/4 to 30 Amperes
Voltage Rating: 600 Volts AC (or less) §
Interrupting Rating: 200,000A RMS Sym. (U.L.)
Agency Approvals: U.L. listed, Std. 248-4, Class CC, Guide JDDZ, File E4273 CSA Certified, Class CC CSA, Class 1422-01, File 53787-HRC-MISC

§ 12-30 amp is 300 Vdc and 10 KAIC

Electrical Ratings (Catalog Symbol and Amperes)

FNQ-R-1/4 FNQ-R-1 3/10 FNQ-R-3-2/10 FNQ-R-10
FNQ-R-3/10 FNQ-R-1 4/10 FNQ-R-3 1/2 FNQ-R-12
FNQ-R-4/10 FNQ-R-1 1/2 FNQ-R-4 FNQ-R-15
FNQ-R-1/2 FNQ-R-1 6/10 FNQ-R-5 FNQ-R-17 1/2
FNQ-R-6/10 FNQ-R-1 8/10 FNQ-R-6 FNQ-R-20
FNQ-R-3/4 FNQ-R-2 FNQ-R-6 1/4 FNQ-R-25
FNQ-R-8/10 FNQ-R-2 1/4 FNQ-R-7 FNQ-R-30
FNQ-R-1 FNQ-R-2 1/2 FNQ-R-7 1/2 -
FNQ-R-1 1/8 FNQ-R-2 8/10 FNQ-R-8 -
FNQ-R-1 1/4 FNQ-R-3 FNQ-R-9 -

Carton Quantity and Weight

1/4-30 10 .200 .091

*Weight per carton

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Fuseblock Catalog Numbers

No. of
1 BC6031S BC6031P BC6031B BC6031SQ BC6031PQ
2 BC6032S BC6032P BC6032B BC6032SQ BC6032PQ
3 BC6033S BC6033P BC6033B BC6033SQ BC6033PQ

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Catalog Number Description BIF Document No.
OPM-SW Fuse Switch with indication 1101
OPM-CC Fuse Module with indication 1100

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