Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation

The Eaton Corporation (Eaton Electrical or Eaton Cutler-Hammer) is a diversified energy management corporation with over 100 years of experience providing energy-efficient options that help effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power. Eaton Corporation is a global technology leader in electrical products and methods for distribution, power quality and control; systems and solutions for mobile and industrial devices, hydraulic components, pneumatic and hydraulic systems for military and business use; aerospace fuel, and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton Corporation sells products in over 150 countries and employs an estimated 73,000 employees.
Once referred to as a vehicle components supplier, Eaton Corporation has transformed to include a broader industrial and commercial concentration. Today, the Eaton Corporation businesses encompass five distinct segments: Hydraulics, Truck, Electrical, Automotive and Aerospace.
Eaton Corporation Industry
Sign outside of Eaton Aerospace Division One of the Eaton Corporation major divisions includes Eaton Aerospace, which provides components to many different aerospace platforms like Boeing 787, Airbus A380, Comac C919 and Learjet LJ85
The Eaton Corporation is comprised of five major divisions. These divisions include:
  • Electrical - Eaton Cutler-Hammer produces various electrical elements and components, including: power distribution fabrications, vacuum breakers, electrical circuit breakers; motor starters and contactors, diagnostic support services and engineering systems, operator interface hardware; power management software, metering systems, uninterruptible power systems and surge protection devices.
  • Hydraulics - Eaton Corporation is recognized as a global leader in the productions, design and promotion of dependable, high-efficiency hydraulic systems and components for use in industrial and mobile applications. The Hydraulics group also consists of the Eaton Corporation Filtration, Golf Grip and Airflex industrial clutch and brake enterprises.
  • Aerospace - The Eaton Corporation aerospace business is among the industry's leading manufacturers, integrators and designers of sophisticated hydraulic systems, motion control systems, fuel systems, propulsion sub-systems and cockpit interface and circuit protection operations for military and commercial applications.
  • Truck - Manual and automated clutches and truck transmissions; hybrid powertrain systems; suspension, drivetrain, wheel-end and safety systems, traction control and anti-lock braking systems; and vehicle analysis.
  • Automotive - Fuel, transmission and air management controls; engine air management systems, automotive fluid connectors, superchargers, engine valves, cylinder head modules, lifters; locking and limited-slip differentials.

Eaton Corporation History
Cutler-Hammer label on an electrical component
Harry Henderson Cutler and Edward West Hammer incorporated the Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co. in 1893, focusing on electric starters, speed regulators and field rheostats. In 1900 they created the first automatic motor starter patented by Cutler, laying out the foundation for the modern motor control industry, and in 1901 the company drafted and designed the control machinery for the Panama Canal. By the 1930s, engineers at Cutler-Hammer had secured 28 patents for the use of vacuum tubes to regulate heavy currents.
Cutler-Hammer became part of Eaton Corporation in 1978 bringing over $ 500 million in sales of a complete collection of power control and switching components.

Eaton Corporation Products
Eaton Corporation supplies an extensive selection of end-to-end electrical products and services including quality and control equipment, full-scale engineering and generation and distribution support solutions.
  • Automation and Control - Eaton Corporation manufactures an extensive line of automation and control products. Included within this line are monitoring and sensing relyas, counters and timers, operator interfaces, stacklights, pushbuttons, PLC's (programmable logic controllers) and toggle switches.
  • Circuit Protection - For effective circuit protection, The Eaton Corporation provides a variety of circuit breakers to appropriately fit any number of industrial, commercial or residential applications.
  • Electrical Distribution - Eaton Cutler-Hammer strives to create materials that safely distribute power to various facilities. Often times, Eaton Corporation products play a large role in bringing power to locations like shopping malls, baseball fields and many others.
  • Power Quality and Monitoring - From the instant power enters a facility to the moment it is used by a piece of equipment, a tenant or a process, Eaton's complete family of industry-leading power regulation products - protective relays, metering devices, communications software and hardware - analyze, monitor, control and measure.
  • Residential - Residential products consist of: circuit breakers and load centers, meter breakers and meter sockets, surge protection components, structured wiring solutions, back-up power solutions that include portable and standby generators and single phase UPS, fire protection tools.
  • Services - To keep various systems functioning correctly, a team of power system experts are needed. Eaton Corporation offers services for each and every stage of a power system's life cycle - whether it's support, build or design.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer Switches Eaton Cutler-Hammer Relays Eaton Cutler-Hammer Drives Eaton Cutler-Hammer Sensors
Eaton Corporation Product Overview
The Eaton Corporation product line (mainly Eaton Cutler-Hammer) includes:
  • Automation and Control - SmartWire-DT, Contactors, Starters, Protective Relays, Count Control Products, Distribution and Termination, Enclosed Control, Fire Pump Controllers, Mill Control Products, Operator Interface, Power Conversion and Management, PLC's and HMI-PLC, Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights, Selector Switches, Relays, Timers, Sensors, Limit Switches, Variable Frequency Drives, Vehicle Controls.
  • Circuit Protection - Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System, Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Air Power Circuit Breakers, Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Medium Voltage Fuses, Industrial Miniature Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Protective Relays, Switches, Disconnects, Vacuum Interrupters.
  • Electrical Distribution - Automatic Transfer Switches, Busway, Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, Grid-Tie Inverters, Indoor Power Center, Integrated Power Assemblies, Lighting Control, Building Automation, Low Voltage Switchgear, Medium Voltage Motor Control, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, Network Protection, Panelboards, Predictive Diagnostics, Protective Relays, Switchboards, Switches, Disconnects, Transformers.
  • Power Quality and Monitoring - Power Xpert Architecture, Energy Management through Intelligent Hardware, Power and Energy Meters, Networking Hardware, Sub-Network Local Interface, Input/Output Devices, Monitoring Software, Reporting and Analytics, Demos and Tutorials, Backup Power, DC Power Solutions, UPS Batteries, Power Distribution, Power Conditioning, Power Factor Correction, Surge Protective Devices, Innovative Technology.
  • Residential - Solar Inverters, Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, Load Centers and Circuit Breakers, Group Metering and Meter Breakers, Temporary Power, Spa Panels, Air Conditioning Disconnects, Surge Protection Products, Generators and Transfer Switches, Structured Wiring Solutions.
Major Industries Served
Eaton Cutler-Hammer serves these major industries:
  • Commercial
  • Communications
  • Data Centers
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Institutions
  • OEM
  • Residential
  • Solar Power
  • Utilities
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Wind Power

Eaton Corporation and Eaton Cutler-Hammer Products

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