Portable 2 HP & 5 HP Conveyor Drive System
With ABB ACS400 Drives


Save money and space with our compact dual AC 2hp/5hp portable conveyor drive system. One drive is for your press loading conveyor and one drive is for the press unloading conveyor. If you have unload left and unload right conveyors you can switch the drive from one conveyor to the other by means of a twist lock plug in a mater of seconds. The drive has programmable I/O brought to terminals mounted on the drive for convenient hookup of your operator controls.


  • Fieldbus communication protocol  -  Control the drives using an “MMI”
  • No need for drive input device conversion logic  -  Easily integrated
  • Programmable parameters built into the drive  -  Configure digital and analog I/O for your application
  • ACS400 drive combines a sophisticated microprocessor with an advanced IGBT power switching technology  -  Delivers the highest performance control of AC motors
  • Twist-lock plug wired to drive output  -  Allows a quick change from one conveyor motor to the other
  • Small NEMA 12 enclosure (36 x 31 x 10) houses drive systems  -  Portability


  • NEMA 12 enclosure houses drive systems
  • 30 amp main power disconnect
  • Fusing protection for each drive system
  • ABB ACS400 2 HP & 5 hp drives are UL, cUL and CE marked
  • Line reactors for each drive filters main power to the drives for smoother operation
  • L480vac 30 amp twist-lock plugs provides motor connections to the drives


  • Fieldbus communication modules for MMI controls
  • MMI Profile controllers
  • Specific customer requests
  • Remote operator controls
  • Larger or Smaller Horse Power Systems available
  • 240 VAC rating
  • All types of motors for your conveyor applications
  • Drives programming software for laptop computer includes PCMCIA card, software diskette, optic cable and manual
  • Installation, Start-Up & Debug assistance per Engineered Systems Standard Rate sheet
  • Training by a qualified project engineer for operators and/or skilled trades personnel on operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment


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