Alternative Energy Power Supply Systems

Alternative Energy Power Supply Systems

Battery Simulator Power Supply System 150, 185, 200, 260 & 330 KW, Adjustable Up To 700 VDC

Alternative Energy Power Supply Systems

The Galco Alternative Energy Power Supply ACS 800 is a line regenerative power supply designed for battery cyclical testing in alternative energy test labs or battery production charging/discharging applications. Both Sinking and Sourcing capability to 700 vdc and 330 KW is available. An Operator HMI is included that allows a variety of control modes including battery simulation. Up to 32 ohms can be set in 1 milliohm increments.

The Galco Engineering Alternative Energy Power Supply ACS 800 DC is a high voltage, line regenerative DC power source designed specifically to simulate the following applications:

  • Battery Load
  • Fuel Cell
  • Resistance
  • DC Load
  • DC Supply
  • Battery Simulation


• Voltage / Current Control
Bi-directional current and unipolar voltage output

• Local / Remote Control Local control interface by Modbus-RTU communication @ 38,400 baud to 5" Color HMI interface
Remote control by Modbus-TCP, card will act as a server device listening for a client connection

• Current / Power Limits Independently Set
User definable limits on forward and reverse current as well as forward and reverse power

• Impedance simulation, set point in milliohms

• High Resolution Setpoint Resolution / Regulation Voltage and Current Mode
12-bit ADC conversion on voltage feedback with scaling for 1000 VDC yielding 0.25VDC resolution
High Resolution Current Feedback
10-bit current resolution on current feedback with scaling for 1000 amp peak current yielding 1.0 amps resolution

• Low Ripple Firing Circuit Design
6.0 kHz PWM frequency and current regulator update rate with one current regulator per output phase
Phases are staggered 120 electrical degrees to minimize output ripple voltage

• Fast Response Voltage Regulator
Voltage regulator update rate is 1.0 kHz

• Fast Analog Feedback Input Channels
Actual feedback voltage and current available by two analog channels updating at 1.0 kHz as well as by Modbus/TCP to remote client

• Relay Status Outputs
Four form 1A, 1Amp, 120VAC/24VDC relay contacts available for status output for indicating operational status and to control output contactors

• E Stop Input
E-Stop input requiring the application of an external contact closure to allow high voltage bridge gate power application and closure of output contactors

• Independent hardware over current and over voltage detection.

• Adjustable Voltage Slew Rate

• Low Pass Filter Output designed to limit ripple to a typical level below 1%

• Full active low harmonic 480 volt input designed to regenerate power from battery back to electrical grid. The active supply unit can even compensate for fast variations in the line voltage as well as boost the DC buss voltage in order to maintain tight regulation

• Modular Power Design allows Simulator Drive system to be sized for varying size load requirements

Alternative Energy Power Supply Programming Modes & Display

Local Control
Sourcing / Sinking
KW Limits
I Limits

Remote Control (Modbus)
Sourcing / Sinking
KW Limits
I Limits

Remote Control (0 - 20ma Analog)
Sourcing / Sinking
KW Limits
I Limits

Status Display
Output KW
Ouput Amps
Ouput VDC
Control Mode

Adjustable PI & Ramps

Impedance Simulation
1 milliohm setpoint increments up to 32 ohms maximum

"The 200 kW DC power supply, that is designed and integrated by Galco for MSU, is capable of not only providing DC Power for MSU's hybrid powertrain tests, but also simulating the high power battery operations. We are very satisfactory with the low cost DC power supply provided by Galco."

Alternative Energy Power Supply Systems

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