Portable Dynamometer Test System

24 HP 6000 RPM AC Motor with ABB ACS600 DTC Drive System


Galco can help your component testing applications with our portable 24 HP, 22 ft. lbs. of torque, 6000 rpm direct torque control drive system. System includes 24 HP 6000 rpm motor capable of 22 ft. lbs. of torque that is totally enclosed, and blower cooled. To control the motor, a state-of-the-art, digitally controlled ABB ACS600 DTC drive mounted in a NEMA 12 single door enclosure is used. Operator controls are mounted on the door of the drive system enclosure which has casters mounted on the bottom for transport making the unit portable and self-contained. "Auto/Manual" selector switch and terminals for wiring of optional external Start/Stop and speed reference circuits are included for your convenience.


  • 24 HP TEBC motor - 22 ft. lbs.of torque with a speed range of 0 to 6000 RPM
  • Direct torque control digital heavy duty ABB ACS600 drive – Drive is capable of holding motor at full torque with "zero" speed
  • Programmable parameters built into the drive - Digital and analog I/O can be configured for your application


  • NEMA 12 enclosure houses drive system & operator controls
  • ABB ACS601 heavy duty drive with 30 HP rated direct torque control
  • 24 HP, 22 ft. lbs. torque, TEBC motor speed range 0 - 6000 RPM
  • Ramp stop E-Stop circuit
  • Auto / Manual selector switch for optional auto start/stop, and speed reference
  • Speed reference adjusted with 10-turn potentiometer
  • Two digital LED meters gives accurate readout of motor "SPEED" and "LOAD"
  • 33 amp motor starter provides over current motor protection
  • Start / stop push buttons
  • 50 amp 480 VAC molded case circuit breaker gives overall system protection
  • Fast-blow fusing on line side of ACS601 drive for assured protection of drive
  • 500 VA fused control transformer for control power
  • All necessary relays for operating circuits
  • Interconnect terminal strip terminates control wires easily
  • 30 ft. motor cable with end connection for easy drive hookup to system enclosure
  • 20 ft. power feed cable with 480 VAC 50 amp plug


  • Larger or smaller HP drive systems available
  • Spare parts packages include: fuses, motors, drives, and relays
  • 240 VAC rating
  • MMI profile controllers using Profibus communication protocol
  • Installation assistance
  • Training by qualified project engineer for operators and/or skilled trades personnel on equipment operation & maintenance
  • Specific customer requests
  • Higher or lower motor RPM ratings available


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SA101398 (rev#1 - 04/28/03)