A Series Image
  • 24~600 VAC/VDC Coils
  • Up to 450 HP @ 240V
  • Up to 900 HP @ 480V
  • UL; CSA Approved
  • Up to 1650 Amps
A-Line contactors are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors and for controlling power circuits corresponding to their operating characteristics up to 690 and even 1000 VAC and 440 VDC. A variety of accessories are available for top or side-mount versions.
  • 3 or 4 Poles
  • Touch Safe Design
  • Easy Maintenance of Contacts and Coil Inspection
  • 16~3150 Amps
  • 600VAC Maximum
  • UL E63822; CSA LR58247
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 Poles
  • DIN Rail, Door, or Base Mount
ABB SwitchLine includes 16 different amperage sizes from 16A to 3150A. The basic construction provides flexibility, safety, and high performance in an extremely compact size. ABB Switchline is a perfect choice for all switching applications from industrial motor control to construction safety switches.
  • Broad Range of Accessories Available
  • Mountable in Any Position
  • Finger Proof for Improved Safety
  • Wielded Contact Protection
  • Flange, Side, or Thru-Door Installation
S200 Series Image
  • Supplemental Protector
  • Use as Overcurrent Protection
  • UL 1077 - E76126
  • B, C, D, K Trip Characteristics
  • AC Rated
The S200 Series of miniature circuit breakers from ABB offer a compact solution to your protection requirements. These miniature breakers are current limiting, DIN rail mounted and can offer a good equivalent to fused systems. Application specific trip curves of B, C, D and K, provide maximum circuit protection. A wide range of accessories will complete the installation including shunt trips, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, undervoltage release, busbars and much more.
  • 480Y/277 VAC
  • 0.5 to 63 Amps
  • Line and Load Terminals Included
  • Ring Tongue Styles Available
  • Finger Safe Terminals
  • Optional Front Mounting Kit
OHB Series Image
  • Black or Grey
  • IP65 Degree of Protection
  • Handles Prevent Electrocution
  • Connections for Different Shapes, Types of Switches/Circuit Breakers
  • Easily Identifiable On/Off
Handles, connections or accessories for switches or circuit breakers. Allow for efficient connections and simple movements in operating switches and circuit breakers.
TA Series Image
  • Bimetallic Amb. Compensated
  • Convertible Manual/Auto Reset
  • Setting Ranges Up To 310 Amps
  • Tripping Class 10A
  • UL; CSA Approvals
TA Series thermal overload relays are used in conjunction with ABB A Line contactors for the protection of motors having a nominal voltage of up to 600 VAC max per UL/CSA (690VAC and 800VDC per IEC). These relays are built to be self-protecting in the event of an overload until the short circuit protection device is activated.
  • Trip Indication
  • Optional Remote Trip/Reset
  • Single Phase and Unbalance Protection
  • Variety of Accessories Available
ACS355 Series Image
  • Machinery Drive
  • Sensorless Vector Control
  • 0.5 to 15hp 240V, 1 & 3-Phase
  • 0.5 to 30hp 480V, 3-Phase
  • IP20 Open Vent Protection
The ABB ACS355 machinery drive is designed for the OEM machine-building sector and engineered to be the fastest drive in terms of installation and set-up. The ACS355 is user-friendly, yet provide high application flexibility. Typical applications include food & beverage, material handling, printing, rubber & plastics and woodworking applications.
  • FlashDrop - Fast parameter set-up
  • Sequence programming
  • Optimized interfaces for users and machines
  • Unified height and depth
  • Coated boards as standard
  • Built-in brake chopper as standard
  • Built-in EMC filter for 2nd environment
  • UL, cUL and CE approved
  • AF Contactors Can Manage Large Control Voltage Variations - One Coil Can Be Used for Different Control Voltages Used Worldwide without Any Coil Change
  • The Built-In N.C. Auxiliary Contact Is a Mirror Contact in Compliance with Annex F of IEC 60947-4-1
  • AF Contactors Have Built-In Surge Protection and Do Not Require Additional Surge Suppressors
  • Only Four Coils Cover Control Voltages between 24-500 V 50/60 Hz or 20-500 V DC
  • Electronic Coil Interface Accepts a Wide Control Voltage Range
AF09- AF30 contactors are used for controlling power circuits up to 600 V AC and 240 V DC. They are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors, non-inductive or slightly inductive loads.
OHY Series Image
  • Handle Operator
  • Accent or Main Color of Red
  • Not Defeatable Handle
  • Available in Adapter, Selector, Pistol Handles
  • Sold in Padlockable and Non-Padlockable
Industrial accessories which act as handles/handle operators. A distinct red color makes the operators easily identifiable and can be sold as both padlockable and non-padlockable models.
SU200M Series Image
  • Available with Variable Depth Handle Mechanism
  • Fast Breaking Time (2.3 2.5 ms)
  • Wide Range of Accessories
  • Multi-Function Terminals
  • Bus Connection System
  • Finger Safe Terminals
  • DIN Rail Mounting
The SU200M miniature circuit breakers offer a compact solution for protection requirements. The SU200 series devices are current-limiting according to UL 489 and DIN rail mounted. SU200M MCBs come in up to 3 trip curves to provide maximum circuit protection.
AF Series Image
  • 4 Coils Cover 24 V - 500 V AC and 20 V - 500 V DC
  • 24 V DC Coil for Direct Control by PLC-Output > 250 mA, Low Holding Consumption up to 1.7 W
  • Mirror, Mechanically Linked Contacts
  • Built-in Surge Suppression
  • Up to 560 kW - 400 V AC-3, 900 hp - 480 V and 2850 A - 690 V AC-1, 2850 A - General Use
Contactors containing integrated, electronically controlled coils which reduce energy consumption. Contains push-in spring terminals which allow for fast, easy wiring. Contactors can overbridge voltage drops, sags.
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