Carlo Gavazzi

SPM Series Image
  • High Efficiency up to 88%
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Internal Input Filter
SPM Modular switching power supplies are specifically designed in order to satisfy both the Automation and the Building automation application requirements. The four DIN modules PS is capable of up to 60W of output power. Its high efficiency prevents excess of heat in the installation place.
DPA01 Series Image
  • Measure their own power supply
  • 3 phase monitoring relays for phase
  • LED indication for relay and power supply on
3-phase relay for detection of incorrect phase sequence, total and partial phase loss. Supply range from
208 to 690 VAC covered by two multi voltage relays. For mounting on DIN-rail or plug-in module.
The device detects regenerated voltages up to 85% of the nominal voltage (phase-phase).
ICB Series Image
  • Feature High Resolution, Excellent Repeatability and Precision, and Exceptional Resistance to Shocks
  • Sensors Detect Metal Objects without Physical Contact, a Wear-Free Solution in Harsh Environment
  • Sensors Provide Reliable and Cost Effective Applications in Machinery and Automation Equipment
  • Protection for Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit and Overload
  • Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity and Transients Protection
  • Not Influenced By Dust, Oil, Water, or Vibrations
  • Rugged Nickel Plated Brass Construction
  • Excellent LED Output State Visibility
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed
  • Sensing Distance 6 to 10 mm
  • Short or Long Body Versions
  • Cable or M12 Plug
  • LED Indications
  • Setup Indicator
RP Series Image
  • AC Solid State Relay for PCB mounting
  • Zero switching or instant-on
  • Rated operational current: 3, 5 or 5.5 AACrms
  • Rated operational voltage: Up to 480 VACrms
  • Surface mount technology
  • Flexible encapsulation for extended life
  • Control voltage: 3 to 32 VDC / 16 to 32 VAC
  • Opto-isolation: > 4000 VACrms
  • Blocking voltage: Up to 1000 Vp
  • Non-repetitive surge current: Up to 250A
The RP1 is an SSR series for socket- or PCB-mounting, providing an ideal interface between logic controls and AC loads. The RP1 is designed for resistive and inductive loads up to 480VACrms. Two regulated control voltage ranges cover most standard input requirements in an economic package. These features allow a direct substitution of existing PCB mounted relays with RP1. Internally this new series enjoys an improved technical design with the introduction of stress-free flexible encapsulation and automated assembly of components. Opto-isolation and load switching are performed by individual components, providing higher reliability than monolithic designs. Additionally RP1..6 is a special version with high current surge capability that reduces fusing requirements. This relay can also drive higher AC53a loads up to 5 A. The Solid State technology used can withstand peak voltages of 1000V, making the RP1 series suitable to drive AC loads such as valve solenoids and small induction motors.
DPA51 Series Image
  • Measures its own power supply
  • 3 phrase monitoring relay for phase
  • LED indication for relay and power supply ON
  • Detects when all phases are present and have the correct sequence
3-Phase relay for detection of incorrect phase sequence, total and partial phase loss.
Supply range from 208 to 480 VAC. For mounting on DIN rail. Housing 17.5 mm wide,
SPDT relay output, suitable for back and front panel mounting. The device
detects regenerated voltage up to 85% of the nominal voltage (phase-phase).
DPC01 Series Image
  • LED Indication for Relays, Alarm and Power Supply ON
  • TRMS 3-Phase Monitoring Relay
  • Separately Adjustable Set Points
Carlo Gavazzi DPC 01 models of protection relays used for monitoring or for multifunctions. They are used to monitor phase loss, asymmetry, over and under voltage. DPC 01 models can detect all 3 phases are present and have correct sequence; they also can detect if all the 3-phase to phase or phase to neutral voltages are within the set limits.
GMS-32H Series Image
  • 45mm Width
  • Three Position Operator: ON-OFF-TRIP (Only 100AF is Applied)
  • Handle Lock in the OFF Position
  • Class 10, 20 Overload Trip Characteristics
  • Trip Test
  • Finger Safe Terminal
  • DIN Rail and Screw Mounting
PC50 Series Image
  • 19.69 or 3.28 ft. Sensing Range
  • 24~24 VAC/12~240 VDC
  • 5 Wire
  • Relay Output
  • CE Approved
PC50 sensors from Carlo Gavazzi are available in both polarized retro-reflective or diffuse reflective styles. The sensors are housed in a reinforced, compact, PC/ABS casing. They are useful in applications where basic sensors provide adequate sensing performance. The long sensing ranges in addition to sensitivity adjustment gives a very flexible sensor. Light and dark operation is switch selectable
RRM Series Image
  • 8 or 14 Blades Socket Mounting
  • 2 or 4 Change Over Contacts
  • Electrical Life of 100,000 Cycles
  • Mechanical Life of 10,000,000 Cycles
RAP Series Image
  • 3.5~40 VDC Input
  • 10~530 VAC, 3~5A Output
  • Zero Cross Switching
  • 4KV Isolation
  • PCB Mount
The RAP Series relays are designed for socket or PCB mounting. An internal heatsink optimizes the thermal resistance between chip and ambient, thereby increasing the lifetime of the relay. These relays are designed to switch inductive or resistive loads such as heaters, motors, lights, valves, or solenoids.
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Low Off-State Leakage Current
  • High Surge Ratings
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