LED Flashlight Series Image
  • Rechargeable Options
  • High Lumen Output
  • Waterproof Models
  • Numerous Styles
  • Weather Resistant
Dorcy LED flashlights possess a longer lifespan, enhanced brightness, and increased efficiency. Dorcy is proud to produce and offer the industry’s premier high power LED flashlights to help consumers properly illuminate their lives. All flashlight models operate for hours on a single set of batteries to offer clear, bright reliable lighting for any situation.
LED Headlamp Series Image
  • Adjustable Bands Allow for Use on Head or Arm
  • Battery Operated
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • LED Bulb
Dorcy offers some of the brightest LED headlights available on the market today. Sporting a bright and ultra-efficient LED bulb, Dorcy’s best headlamp easily surpasses its market counterparts. Dorcy LED headlamps also boast increased longevity, reduced energy consumption, and lower operating temperatures. An ideal headlamp for running at night or participating in evening activities, LED headlights can bring instant clarity to a dark environment. Each light also comes with alkaline batteries.
Floating Lantern Series Image
  • Super Bright 40 Lumen LED
  • Durable Push Button Switch
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Includes 6 Volt Battery
  • Waterproof Design
  • Floating Lantern
The 6 Volt Floating Lantern features a heavy duty construction ensuring durability. This lantern has a great waterproof and floating design. The easy to operate push button switch allows for great ease of use. The lantern has a great feel and a unique compact design. The 6 Volt Floating Lantern comes complete with a 6 volt battery.
  • Ideal For Fishing, Hunting and Outside Emergencies
  • Trigger Lock for Continuous Beam
  • Quartz Halogen Bulb
  • Weather Resistant
LED Glow Stick Series Image
  • Durable Tail Cap Push Button Switch
  • Pull-Away Nylon Neck Lanyard
  • Super Bright 5MM LED
  • 200 Hour Run Time
  • Includes Batteries
  • Assorted Colors
The 5MM LED Glow Stick Flashlight features a unique lightweight design. The flashlight contains a super bright colored 5MM LED. The flashlight is durably construction and features a tail cap push button switch for ease of use. For added safety, the LED glow stick has a special break-away nylon neck lanyard. The flashlight provides 200 hours of continuous use and comes complete with button cell batteries. The 5MM LED Glow Stick Flashlight is available in assorted colors – green, blue, purple, and orange.
LED Lantern Series Image
  • Foldable Hanging Handles
  • Battery Operated
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • ABS Resin
Standard bulbs consume more energy, emit less light, and have a shorter lifespan than their LED counterparts. The benefits of LED lighting technology include lower heat usage, increased longevity, and enhanced brightness. These traits are harnessed by Dorcy’s high-quality LED lanterns to properly illuminate any situation.
LED Spotlight Series Image
  • Battery Operated/Rechargeable
  • High Lumen Output
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Halogen/LED
Dorcy offers the best LED spotlights and the best halogen spotlights around. Whether you’re looking for battery operated LED spotlights or an LED rechargeable spotlight, Dorcy has the best outdoor spotlights for you. If you’re seeking to properly illuminate a large outdoor space, rest assured that our products will do the job. So choose one of our LED spotlights for bright, dependable light that lasts.
Motion Sensor Light Series Image
  • Motion Sensing up to 180 degrees
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Wireless
Dorcy LED indoor motion sensor lights provide a convenient way to light halls, stairs and anywhere else safety lights are periodically needed. These battery operated motion lights will operate for 1 to 2 years under normal use and employ the latest LED technology in motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor outdoor lighting is also becoming more and more prevalent in households across America due to its convenience and efficiency. Equip your household with Dorcy's high-quality LED motion lights today.
  • Includes Disposable Battery
  • Super Bright Krypton Bulb
  • Durable Slide Switch
  • Clear View Design
  • Compact Design
The Disposable Personal Palm Light contains a krypton bulb providing super bright light. The durable switch is long lasting and the compact design makes this light convenient and easy to carry. The Disposable Personal Palm Light comes complete with a disposable battery.
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