KS 98-2 Series Image
  • Modular Automation System in a 1/4-DIN enclosure
  • Measure, Control, Steer, Calculate, Log
  • Visualization, Operation, Alarming
  • Comprehensive proven function library
  • Graphical engineering utility and Simulation
  • 3,5" Color Display with Touch
  • USB front interface
  • Modular Expansion of In- and Outputs
  • Ethernet and field-bus communication
The multi-function unit KS98-2 combines PID control, process monitoring, sequence control, data logging and alarm system.The modular design allows to compose the hardware to exactly fit to a specific application.Application programs can be created and maintained by easily selecting and connecting function blocks graphically using the "KS98-ET"-utility.This method is ideal for creating individually customized solutions, including all user interface pages with minimal effort.As a complete solution in a single unit, the KS98-2 multi-function unit helps to reduce programming, installation cost and control cabinet space.The KS98-2 is a compact versatile automation system in a DIN-controller form factor.It allows flexible adaption of it's in- and outputs to the needs of the application.It is an awesome base for an automation solution that is optimized by means of functionality, reliability, size and cost.The hardware of KS98-2 is specifically designed to deal with analog variables in the process industry.Additional signal transmitters and the associated costs for installation can be omitted, as most sensors are directly supported and galvanic isolations are present as well.
Basic KS98-2 Configuration Software is available for free download after purchasing from Galco then registering the controller at Advanced engineering, Data Logging, configuring, and simulation software licenses can be purchased from Galco.See the accessories section for more information.
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