ProSport Generation 3 On-Board Marine Battery Chargers incorporate
all-digital microprocessor control. Like no other, the ProSport Series
provides automatic installation feedback with its exclusive “System Check
OK” and individual “Battery Bank Trouble” LED indicators, and also has the
most advanced energy saving mode. After fully charging and conditioning
batteries, ProSport’s Energy Saver Mode will monitor and Auto Maintain
batteries only when needed to maintain a full state of charge, resulting in
maximum reserve power performance and lower AC power consumption
and operating costs.
ProlsoCharge Series Image
  • ProMar Digital Performance Zero Volt Loss Isolation and Charging
  • Intelligent Isolation and Charging Software Control
  • Real Time LED Status Indicators
  • Advance Regulator Ready
  • Ignition Controlled
  • Easy Installation
  • Built-in Safety
Digital Charge Series Image
  • C3 Intelligent Self-Calculating Absorption/Conditioning Mode
  • In-Transit C3 Software Controlled Multi-Stage Charging
  • C3 Software Engine Battery Management
  • On-Board C3 Digital Dash Includes Hi-Vis LEDs
  • User Programmable Battery Type Selector
  • Remote Temperature Probe Included
  • Built in Safety
ProMar1 Series Image
ProMar1 incorporates solid state and fully automatic technology that eliminates
the need to use portable battery chargers for charging each battery on-board
one at a time. Our compact design is lightweight and pre-wired for quick and
one at a time. Our compact design is lightweight and pre-wired for quick and
ProNauticP Series Image
ProNauticP Series chargers are designed for cuddies, cruisers, sailboats, yachts and commercial larger fishing boats. Boats in this class typically have a common ground and are set up for shore power AC and sometimes include the use of a generator and or an inverter on board. A 12V DC common ground system is typical for most boats, however larger boats and commercial boats may be utilizing a 24V, 32V or 36V common ground DC system.
ProTournament Series Image
The advanced line of waterproof chargers is designed for any combination of group 24–31 batteries. Each charger bank cable is for a dedicated 12V battery, even if it is configured for a 12, 24 or 36 Volt trolling motor or system application.
TruePower Series Image
Designed specifically for the most rugged marine applications. Seamless
conversion of DC battery power to filtered low noise AC household power.
AC Switch automatically selects AC or DC power inputs (depending on which
source is available), ensuring AC household power is available at all times.
TruePower Series Image
  • GFCI Safety Protected AC Outlets
  • 2 Mode Power-On with Battery Saver
  • Soft Start and Noise Filtered Technology
Rich with features, TruePower offers Bat’Saver Mode operation on its 400 watt model so your engine crank battery will stay above 11.5V to start your boat or vehicle.
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