WEG Electric

CWM Series Image
  • 24~600 VAC/VDC Coils
  • Up to 300 HP @ 240V
  • Up to 600 HP @ 460V
  • UL, IEC, CE Approved
  • Up to 800 Amps
The CWM series feature front and side mountable auxiliary contact blocks along with compact frame sizes for space savings. These devices are used in multiple applications including but not limited to pumps, blowers, cranes, material handling equipment, elevators and machining tools.
  • IP20 Finger Protection
  • CSA Certified
RW Series Image
  • Bimetallic Amb. Compensated
  • Convertible Manual/Auto Reset
  • Setting Ranges Up To 840 Amps
  • Tripping Class 10A
  • UL, IEC, CE Approvals
RW series thermal overload relays can be directly mounted under WEG contactors, assuring electrical and mechanical operation as an open across the line starter. The RW series is a perfect compliment to the CWC and CWM contactors. All sizes provide complete motor protection offering ambient temperature compensation, phase loss sensitivity protection, and current unbalance sensitivity.
  • Variety of Accessories Available
MPW Series Image
  • Rated up to 100 Amps
  • Up to 30 HP @ 230V 3PH
  • Up to 75 HP @ 460V 3PH
  • UL, cUL, and CE Approvals
  • DIN Rail Mountable
WEG MPW25 Manual Motor Protectors are the state-of-the-art products available for worldwide market. With the latest technology and design, you'll find how easy is to save panel space and face almost any application in motor control. Built in a very compact frame size, WEG's Manual Motor Protectors combine short circuit and motor overload protections in just one component. These devices include a three-position rotary ON-TRIP-OFF handle, which can be padlocked in the OFF position.
WEG Manual Motor Protectors are designed for DIN rail mounting. Lugs for direct panel mounting are also available as an accessory.
UMBW Series Image
  • Positive Trip-Free Snap Action Mechanism to Ensure Reliable Switching
  • AC & DC Voltages Available In One Series
  • UL489 Branch Circuit Protective Device
  • Cuttable Bus Bar Connecting System
  • UL1077 Equipment Protection
  • Visual Status Indication
  • 17.5mm Width per Pole
Single pole and multi-pole thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in accordance with EN 60947-2, UL 1077 and UL 489 for DIN rail mounting with toggle actuation, visual status indication and high interrupt capacity. A positively trip-free snap action mechanism ensures reliable switching behavior. A range of trip characteristics and add-on accessories make the UMBW suitable for a variety of applications.
CWC Series Image
  • 24~480 VAC/VDC Coils
  • Up to 5 HP @ 240V
  • Up to 10 HP @ 460 V
  • UL, cUL, CE Approved
  • Up to 16 Amps
WEG miniature contactors are designed with direct mounting capabilities to the WEG RW17D overload relay and MPW25 manual motor protector with ECCMP-C0 accessory. WEG miniature controls include contactors and reversing contactors. The frame size remains the same for both AC and DC coil contactors. 24 VDC models feature low consumption coils allowing the CWC to be operated directly from a PLC without interface relays. WEG miniature controls have a wide range of snap on accessories including timing relay modules.
  • Heavy Duty Operation
  • Tool Free DIN rail mounting
CWC Series Image
  • AC/DC Operated
  • 4 Poles
  • Screw Terminals
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Compact Space Saving Design
WEG Type CWC Miniature Control Relays are used for switching auxiliary circuits and control circuits. AC and DC relays have the same frame size making planning, engineering and fitting easier.
CFW500 Series Image
  • USB Communication Port Available with Plug-In Module
  • All VSDs are Factory Tested at Full Load Conditions and Maximum Operational Temperature
  • Sensorless or Closed Loop Vector Control, VVW or Scalar V/f
  • Expansible Number of Inputs and Outputs as well as Functions Using Plug-In Modules with Plug-and-Play Philosophy
With modern design, the variable speed drive CFW500 is a high performance VSD for applications that require speed and torque control of three-phase induction motors. The equipment has sensorless vector control, closed loop vector control or scalar V/f. It also has SoftPLC, which adds PLC (programmable logic controller) functions, Pump Genius, which adds dedicated functions for pumping systems and selectable plug-in modules, that provide a flexible and optimized solution for any application.
CFW08 WASH Series Image
  • V/Hz and Sensorless Vector Control
  • Single and Three-Phase Input Voltage
  • Four Isolated Programmable Digital Inputs
  • 16 Bit DSP Controlled PWM Output
UBW Series Image
  • Higher Maximum Amperages
  • Multiple KIAC Ratings
  • Short Lead Times
  • Multiple Handle Styles
The WEG UBW Series of Molded Case Circuit Breakers are designed to provide short circuit and thermal protection for industrial electrical equipment.Increased frame sizes and amperages cover more applications and when combined with our complete line of Automation/Control products,provide customers a one stop shop for all their panelneeds.The UBW product line ranges from 15A to 2500A and seer ratings for 35-100 FAIC to meet more of your application requirements.
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