Visual Signaling Devices


Visual Signaling Devices
Visual Signaling Devices
Visual signaling devices are used to provide alarm and status notifications for machines, systems, processes, and environmental events. Their primary purpose is to provide simple situational awareness to technicians and operators when machinery is in use, when personnel are occupying a hazardous space for maintenance or repairs, or when there is an active emergency.

In many cases, the lighting equipment is customizable in color and operation to effectively alert personnel of conditions on the factory floor.

Emergency lighting indicates hazardous events. They are typically equipped with ultra-bright LED lamp heads and designed to meet several safety codes. Signal lights and stacklights are designed to mount on or near equipment to indicate the status of machinery and processes, or to designate an unsafe area. Stacklights offer the ability to include several different lamp colors and types to indicate different conditions. Other visual signaling devices include standard illuminated exit signs, to indicate a safe exit, and digital marquees, to display context-specific information with numbers or text.

SL Series Image
  • 1~5 Tiers
  • 24 or 115 VAC/DC
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Base Mounting
  • IP54 Protection
ABB stacklights provide a flexible solution for machine warning systems. These units can be assembled and mounted with great ease, with no additional tools required. Galco offers 1~5 tier units with incandescent lights as standard. Additional light types and other configurations are also available.
  • UL Type 2, 5
  • Optional 8-Tone Alarm Available
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