A capacitor is a passive component that stores electrical energy, widely used in common electrical devices and circuits. They are used to block direct current while allowing alternating current to pass, smooth the output of power supplies, stabilize voltage, and stabilize power flow.

Capacitors work by storing positive and negative charges on opposite sides of an insulating dielectric. The capacitor can continue to accept more charge until it reaches capacitance, or the point at which any additional electrons that try to join are repelled. If a complete path in the circuit is created, the capacitor will discharge.

Capacitors come in a wide variety of sizes and types, often differentiated by the type of dielectric used and the application they are designed for. Ceramic, aluminum and tantalum electrolytic, glass, oxides, even paper can be used as the dielectric. The type and size often determine max capacitance and how the capacitor is used. Common applications include energy storage, power factor correction, and motor starting.

MSC Series Image
  • 21uf to 1200uf
  • 110VAC to 330VAC
  • -40 to 149 Degrees F
  • AC Electrolytic
  • Quick Connect Terminals
The MSC series is a range of AC electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are most often used to provide the torque necessary to start AC motors and other intermittent AC applications.
  • Long Life and High Reliability
  • Round Moisture and Oil Resistant Plastic Case
97F Series Image
  • Proven EIA-456 Compliant 60,000 Hour Reliability
  • High-Grade Metalized polypropylene Film
  • Contains Proprietary Dielektrol VI Oil
  • UL Approved and Patented pressure Sensitive Interrupter
  • RoHS Compliant
This capacitor series is designed specifically for the HID Lighting applications where the capacitors are used as part of the ballast circuit for mercury vapor, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium lamps. The units are designed to operate at up to 90C, which is the normal requirement for HID ballast capacitors. Due to advances in material technology and breakthroughs in proprietary capacitor manufacturing processes, selected ratings are now available for operation up to 100C for 60,000 Hours.
SEK Series Image
  • .47uf to 15,000uf
  • 6.3VDC to 450VDC
  • -67 to 221 Degrees F
  • Aluminum Electrolytic
  • Radial Leads
Type SEK is a radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a +185°F, long life rating. The volumetic efficient high CV product of the SEK makes it ideal for high density packaging in general purpose, coupling, decoupling, bypass and filtering circuit applications.
  • High CV Product
  • General Purpose Applications
  • Available in T&R and Ammo Pack
  • Long Life
A28F Series Image
  • .05uf to 2uf
  • 1000VDC or 2000VDC
  • -40 to 158 Degrees F
  • Polypropylene, Paper & Foil
  • Solder Eyelets or Studs
The A28F series of Snubber Capacitors are designed for use in power semiconductor circuits to protect the semiconductor by limiting the rate of voltage rise. The dielectric system is polypropylene and paper with foil electrodes. The RMS currents encountered in these circuits are usually low; however, the peak currents are very high.
  • 40,000 Hours Operating Life
MRC Series Image
  • 2uf to 60uf
  • 370VAC and 440VAC
  • -67 to 185 Degrees F
  • Metallized Polypropylene
  • Quick Connect Terminals
The MRC series is a range of AC metallized capacitors. These capacitors are most often used in motor run, HVAC, lighting, and power supply applications.
Metallized electrodes on both sides of paper substrate are wound with polypropylene film as a dielectric. During vacuum fluid processing the paper acts as a wick for thorough fluid impregnation to suppress corona and to promote long life.
  • Non-PCB Dielectric Fluid
  • Low Dissipation Factor
  • Leak-Proof Terminals
  • Self Healing of Shorts Due to Dielectric Breakdown
Series 110 Series Image
Mars offers various products that can be used in many different applications. The products Mars offers list as:
  • Motors
  • Components
  • Service & Installation
The products offered such as electrolytic capacitors have a new and improved terminal construction capable of withstanding increased heat. Mars also offers many different types of components. Other products offered by Mars are Fuses, Wiring products and many more.
GEM III Series Image
  • 50/60 hz
  • 60,000 hour operating life
  • Features quick connect blades
  • Utilizes proprietary Genteq dielectric oil
  • Unpainted Aluminum case with terne plate steel cover
The GEM III Motor Run Capacitors are widely used with permanent split phase capacitor motors for the more efficient use of electricity. These motors are used in heating and cooling equipment, appliances, business machines, office equipment, and a wide variety of light commercial and industrial equipment.
97F Series Image
  • 1.5uf to 120uf
  • 240VAC to 660VAC
  • -40 to 158 Degrees F
  • Metallized Polypropylene
  • Quick Connect Terminals
This series of Gem III is specifically designed for general purpose AC applications in power supplies, UPS and power conversion equipment as well as applications such as AC filters where harmonic frequencies greater than 60Hz are common.
  • 60,000 Hours Operating Life
  • RoHS Versions Available
MRRC Series Image
  • .250" Quick Connect Terminals
  • Round Aluminum Case
  • 370 VAC and 440 VAC Types
  • 10,000 AFC Protected
The MRRC Series Motor Run Capacitors offer outstanding electrical characteristics, high capacitance stability over time and temperature, and very low internal power losses (Dissipation Factor). Possible applications include; electric motor, pumps, air conditioning, compressor, lighting, and general purpose AC applications.
27L Series Image
  • 2uf to 45uf
  • 660VAC
  • -40 to 158 Degrees F
  • Metallized Polypropylene
  • Quick Connect Terminals
This series of Gem III is specifically designed for general-purpose AC applications in power supplies, UPS and power conversion equipment.
  • 60,000 Hours Operating Life
  • RoHS Versions Available
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