Conduit Outlet Bodies

CB Series Image
  • Available in Form 7 and Form 8 Ferrous as well as Mark 9 and Form 7 Aluminum
  • Type 4X Form 8 Conduit Bodies have Injection-Molded PVC-Coated Cover with Integral O-Ring Seal
  • PVC Coating in Blue, Gray, or White with Custom Colors Available
GE Series Image
  • Protects Conductors in Threaded Rigid Conduit
  • No Pinching of Conductors During Cover Installation
  • Taper Threaded Hubs to Provide Ground Continuity
TWO Series Image
  • Combination Bodies Have Threaded and Set Screw Hubs
  • Pre-packaged With Body, Cover and Gasket
  • Covers Furnished With Stainless Steel Screws
5 Series Image
  • Compatible with Rigid, Intermediate, and EMT Conduit
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Threaded, Set Screw, and Combination Connections
  • Trade Sizes 1/2~4 inches
  • 5 Hub Shapes Available
  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Series 5 die cast copper-free aluminum conduit bodies are available for use with rigid, intermediate, or EMT conduit (with set screw). Conduit bodies are available in trade sizes 1/2"~4" in the most popular conduit body shapes (C, LB, LL, LR, and T). The Series 5 family is available as components or pre-packaged in various configurations as a SnapPack™ assembly. In addition, Series 5 is completely interchangeable with other manufacturers.
The Form 7 Series is used for neat, compact installation of rigid threaded conduit. They can be installed in conduit systems to connect section and to work as pull outlets when conductors are being installed. They can provide easy access for splices in branch conduits as well as access to conductors for maintenance and future system changes.
Form 7 is also available in L shaped models for a 90 degree bend in conduit runs as well as the elbow shaped models for slighter bends. T shaped models can provide for a three way connection with three hubs and an X shaped model is also available with 4 hubs.
The conduit outlet body includes tapered NPT threads and integral bushings to protect wire insulation. The inside has an internal coating with BlueKote that makes wire pulling easier. T&B Form 7 bodies and covers are interchangeable with other manufacturer's Form 7 bodies and covers.
LB Series Image
  • Threaded LB Conduit Body Form 7 Gray Iron
  • Tapered Threaded Hubs NPT
  • Available with Cover and Gasket
GEB Series Image
  • Integral Mounting Lugs
  • Green Ground Screw Standard
  • External Cover Thread on Body, Plus Smooth Integral Hub Bushing Protects Conductor Insulation When Pulling
GRSSA Series Image
  • Internal Hubs
  • Furnished with Internal Ground Screw
  • Cast-in Brackets on Cover for Use with Breaker-Bar Tools
DURALOY 7 Series Image
  • Smooth integral wire bushings protects cable from damage when wires are pulled through opening
  • High-quality sealing hardware stainless steel covers screws and washers with neoprene gaskets
  • Intermateability UL Listed and CSA Certified interchangeability with competitive products
  • Innovative spring clip design for installation ease and repeat usage
  • Flat-back design for greater wiring capacity and mounting stability
  • Enhanced sealing capabilities neoprene sealing gaskets
  • For use with threaded rigid conduit steel or aluminum
  • Suitable for wet locations when used with gaskets
To provide access to conductors for pulling, splicing, and maintenance. Threaded for rigid conduit and IMC.
EMT Series Image
  • Compatible with EMT Conduit
  • For Indoor Use
  • Set Screw Connections
  • Trade Sizes 1/2 or 3/4 Inches
  • 5 Hub Shapes Available
  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction
EMT conduit outlet bodies from Halex are suitable for use in EMT conduit systems to gain access to the interior of a raceway for wire pulling, splicing, and maintenance.
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