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Electrical Testers
Electrical Testers
Electrical testers are troubleshooting tools designed to test the presence of voltage, detect continuity, measure current, and identify motor phase rotation.

Testers are available in several variations. Contact and non-contact voltage testers are pen-like devices that detect and indicate, with light and sound, the presence of voltage. Current testers use clamp or jaw configurations to wrap around a cable and measure current at that point in the circuit. Continuity testers use probes to isolate a component and detect a complete path.

Electrical testers are often handheld and field-ready, built with rugged housing that can withstand frequent use.

DV25 Series Image
Model DV25 is a dual range NCV detector that combines two models into one. Low range measures down to 24 Volt and the high range measures up to 1000 Volt. Audible and visual indication, rugged double molded housing, and a bright built-in LED flashlight. Complete with 2 x AAA batteries.
DV26 Series Image
  • Tip Fits Into Outlets or Against Wire Insulation Testing
  • Rugged Double-Molded Housing
  • Built-In Bright Flashlight with On/Off Button
Rugged CAT IV rated non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detector displays a Green LED light when it is powered on and ready for use. When flashing Red LED with audible beeper sounds, this indicates the presence of live wires. The convenient built-in bright flashlight allows for viewing in dimly lit areas.
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