Power Monitoring

Extech Instruments

380803 Series Image
  • Four Simultaneous Displays of Watts, Power Factor or VA, Voltage or Hz, Amps
  • True RMS Voltage & Current Measurements of Sine, Square, Triangular and Distorted Wave Forms with a Crest Factor <5
  • Max, Data Hold and Overload Protection
  • Battery or AC Adaptor Provides Line Isolation
  • Plug Device to be Tested Directly into the Power Analyzer
  • Sampling (Update) Rate is 2.5 times/second
  • Complete with Windows Compatible Software, Cable, 8xAA Batteries, Power Cord, 117VAC Adaptor and Case
382100 Series Image
  • Large Dot-Matrix, Sun-Readable, Numerical, Backlit LCD
  • High Accuracy Autoranging Current Clamps (0.2A to 1200A)
  • 600.0VAC Input with CAT III-600V Safety Rating
  • Adjustable Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT) Ratio for High Power Distribution Systems
  • Log up to 30,000 Readings on a Removable SD Memory Card in Microsoft Excel Format
  • Wide Sampling Rate Range (2 Seconds to 2 Hours)
  • Captured Measurements can be Imported Directly into Excel via the SD Memory Card
  • Easy-to-Use Onscreen Menu
  • Easy-to-Grab Rugged Over Molded Housing
Full System Analysis with up to 35 Parameters:
  • V (phase-to-phase), V (phase-to-ground)
  • A (phase-to-ground)
  • KW/KVA/KVAR/PF (phase)
  • KW/KVA/KVAR/PR (system)
  • KWH/KVAH/KVARH/PFH (system)
  • Phase Angle
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