Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface
A human-machine interface, or HMI, is a device that allows an operator to interact with a machine. Using inputs, outputs, industrial networks, operating systems and specialized software, the HMI can communicate with any production system.

Modern HMIs have advanced multi-touch displays that operators can use to closely monitor production, adapt to production demands, and quickly respond to equipment fault or failure. Today, sophisticated industrial networks even allow operators to manage process remotely, from central control rooms or even smartphones and tablets.

HMIs are can applied to any industrial application, but they are particularly useful in process industries like oil and gas, mining, wastewater treatment and others due to the on-demand information and improved diagnostics they can provide.

Monitouch V9 Series Image
The MONITOUCH V9 Series includes three line-ups with the V9 Lite, V9 Standard, and the V9 Advanced, designed to replace the V8 Series while also offering step-up features to satisfy the requirements of more advanced applications. Fuji Electric’s MONITOUCH Human Machine Interface (HMI) V9 series range in size from 5.7” to 15". All models in the V9 Series are UL Certified, and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots, allowing for better connectivity to peripheral devices.
HG1G Series Image
  • Supports Up to Four Protocols Simultaneously
  • LED Backlight Lifespan: >70,000 Hours
  • Remote Monitor and Control
  • FTP Server Function
The super-bright, compact 4.3-inch HG1G has most of the features and functionalities found in a larger screen, including monitoring and control via PC, tablet or smartphone. It supports multiple protocols simultaneously, FTP Server function and best-in-class LED backlight life of 70,000 hours. HG1G can be mounted in portrait or landscape to fit your needs. It also supports a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees C, and is rated IP66F/67F, Type 4X & Type 13, and Class 1 Div 2. It's flexible and small enough to fit in a tight space, and priced to fit a tight budget.
G3 Series Image
The Red Lion G3 HMI operator panels are far more than ordinary HMIs, offering functionality above and beyond the industry standard. The G3s are field proven with a remarkable track record of durability in harsh environments.
Red Lion's G3 HMIs feature a keypad and/or resistive analog touchscreen and is available in display dimensions of 3.2 inch to 15 inch. Most models are available in color, while the smaller units are available in monochrome. The 3.2 inch, 5.7 inch and 10 inch models are available in outdoor versions which include a UV rated finish and sunlight visible displays. Keypads are standard on all models, and range from 8 to 32 buttons.
The G3 comes standard with one 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet, two RS-232 and one RS-422/485 serial ports and support serial to Ethernet conversion. Additional Ethernet, RS-422/485 and USB Host ports are also available on specific models. A maximum of up to five high-speed serial ports are available. CANopen, serial ports, DeviceNet, and Profibus communication cards can be installed after purchase to further expand the G3's connectivity.
Communicating with over 300 different protocols, G3 HMIs are among the most powerful HMI communication platforms available today. They can manage vendor-specific applications and provide the ability to network-enable existing equipment. Select the PLCs, drives, motion controllers or PID controllers that work best with your application, and control them all from one Red Lion G3 HMI.
With its built-in data logger, G3 HMIs offer a powerful means for recording continuous data as well as events and alarms. Data can be acquired from any or all connected devices and compiled into CSV-formatted files, where it can be stored, displayed, emailed or automatically synchronized with a server.
Remote Monitoring and Control:
The G3 HMI line excels at keeping personnel informed of machine and process performance. With its built-in web server, remote personnel can monitor as well as control equipment from virtually any networked device. G3 series HMIs can also alert personnel about existing or pending issues via email or SMS text messages to ensure problems are addressed quickly in order to minimize downtime.
Crimson Software:
Red Lion's powerful Crimson 3.0 software is a remarkable programming platform that unlocks the unique power of the G3 with just simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration. Unlike competitive HMIs that charge extra for cumbersome software, Red Lion's Crimson software is readily available for download.
HG3G Series Image
  • Mounts Portrait or Landscape
  • Serial, Ethernet and USB Ports
  • Supports Expansion I/O Modules
  • Remote Access, Monitor and Control
Technoshot Series Image
The UL certified MONITOUCH Technoshot Series is available in a 7” and 10” screen size, and features an eco-friendly LED backlight with a sleek, slim structure. All models come standard with two USB interfaces, allowing better connectivity to peripheral devices. Customers will enjoy the convenience of Technoshot’s simple installation, as well as its remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities due to the on-board Ethernet port.
EPRO Series Image
  • 8.4~15.1" Touchscreens
  • Full Color TFT Display
  • 24 Volts DC
  • Panel Mount
  • UL; cUL; CSA; CE Approvals
The PanelMate ePro PS family is made up of high performance yet cost-effective operator interface products. The ePro PS sets the standard for hybrid OI systems by combining the flexibility of Microsoft's Windows XP Embedded operating system with the stability and reliability achieved through the solid-state hardware design.
The ePro PS family provides the performance and flexibility of PC based operator interfaces without the associated complexity of a PC on the plant floor. With integrated high-speed Ethernet, serial ports, USB ports, removable CompactFlash and PCMCIA, the ePro PS models can be adapted for a wide variety of user requirements.
  • IP65 Protection
  • Outdoor Screen Types Available
  • Available in Painted Steel or Stainless Steel
  • True Analog Touch Surface for Maximum Flexibility
Performance Series Image
  • TFT-LCD resistive touch screen
  • Fan less cooling system
  • 32 bit 600 Mhz or 1 Ghz Cortex-A8 processor
  • Built-in RTC
  • Direct communication with M3 programming port
  • Modbus RS485 protocol (drivers for M3 and em4)
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol (drivers for M3 and em4)
  • Integrated VNC server
  • Additional functions provided by Crouzet Touch programming software (e-mails,recipe database, enhanced security…)
  • CE mark, cULus listed
XV-300 Series Image
XV-300 with Galileo, XSoft-CoDeSys-3 or Visual Designer
XV with Galileo:The XV Series with Galileo offers a global visualization software package for all applications in system and machine building.It is designed to optimize
performance on the XV platform.Galileo can also run as the visualization package on XV CoDeSys units when a stronger visualization tool is required.
XV with XSoft-CoDeSys: The XV series with XSoftCoDeSys combines powerful logic and visualization capabilities into a single device.It is ideal for OEM applications where low component count and ease of program development and remote administration is critical.The XV Models with XSoftCoDeSys offer multiple field bus options built directly onboard the unit to provide an overall solution optimized both for size and cost.
XV with Visual Designer: Positioned between the HMi and the XP series of operator interface,the XV series is ideal for applications requiring extensive connectivity and
the advanced features available in Visual Designer without the expense associated with more powerful open platforms.The XV models were designed with OEMs in mind featuring an attractive bezel and slim and light weight housing.The clip mount design simplifies installation.
XV-300 Software Bundles: The XV-300 series is the latest and most powerful in the XV product line.Its powerful CPU and graphics co-processor provide the high-performance engine required by demanding HMI and HMI-PLC applications.Coupled with an attractive,sleek design and multi-touch touchscreen,it supports the modern gesture based user interface that redefinesease of use.
All XSoft-CoDeSys models include XSoft-CoDeSys logic and visualization tools,but also include a Galileo runtime license at no additional charge so the user can
choose which visualization tool is appropriate for their needs.Users who have large or demanding HMI applications that also require some SCADA software features such as web serving,document (PDF) viewing,SQL database interfaces,FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance or other advanced functionality could choose the XV-300 models bundled with Visual Designer software.For users who need PLC applications and advanced Visualization and SCADA features
they can choose XV-300 models with both XSoft-CoDeSys and Visual Designer runtime licenses bundled in a single package.
HG2G Series Image
  • Built-In Ethernet
  • Power LED Indicator
  • 256 Color or 15 Level Monochrome
  • Slim Design: 36mm Deep Behind the Panel
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