Wire Pulling

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Wire Pulling
Wire Pulling
Wire pulling equipment is used to pull cables and wires through long lengths of conduit.

Several different tools and methods can be used to make it easier to feed wire through conduit, including grips, blowing systems, and even mechanized equipment that may be needed to pull large, heavy bundles hundreds of feet.

The most common tool is fish tape, which is a long spool of flat metal wire with a hook at the end. The wire is resilient enough to overcome fittings, and flexible enough to round bends or sharp angles. Wire pulling lubricant may be used to cover the fish tape to reduce friction as the tape is fed through the conduit. At the other end, cables are attached to the hook and the fish tape is pulled back through the conduit.

Blued-Steel Series Image
  • Laser Etched In 12” Increments to Provide Instant Conduit Length
  • High Column Strength for Longer Runs
  • Non-Oily Finish Resists Rust
Gold-Fish Series Image
  • Ultra-Flexible Tape for Hard-To-Navigate Areas
  • Brass-Plated Coils Resist Rust
S-Class Series Image
  • Non-Conductive Tape for Use around Live Circuits
  • Structural Glass Core Gives You a More Durable Fiberglass Tape
Stainless-Steel Series Image
  • Laser Etched In 12” Increments to Provide Instant Conduit Length
  • Won’t Rust or Corrode In Humid Environments
  • Stainless Steel Design
Tuff-Rod Series Image
  • 1/4 In. White Fiberglass
  • Extra Stiffness for Added Control When Maneuvering Wires
  • 3/16 In. Pale Green Luminescent Fiberglass
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Material for Easy Use in Attics, Basements And Other Dim Lit Areas
Volt-Guard Series Image
  • Non-Conductive Up to 1000V
  • Elliptical Design Gives the Volt-Guard Greater Pushing Power
Zoom Series Image
  • Great For Hard to Navigate Conduit with Multiple Bends
  • Nylon Jacket Protects the Stainless Steel Core While Adding to the Slipperiness Of Zoom™
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