Plasti-Bond, a RobRoy Company

REDH2OT Series Image
  • 40 Mil Gray PVC Exterior Coating
  • 2 Mil Red Urethane Interior Coating over Galvanized Threads
  • 12 Trade Sizes from 1/2" through 6"
  • Sealing Sleeves on Both Ends
  • Molded External Ribs on 1/2" 4" To Prevent Tool Damage during Assembly
  • Couplings Are Straight Tapped
PVC coated rigid metal conduit couplings with red urethane interior coating connects coated conduit sections. Electrical continuity is maintained across assembled joints. PVC sleeves on couplings seal off on conduit PVC coating when assembled to prevent corrosive liquids and vapors from attacking threaded joints.
XJG Series Image
  • Available with Either 4" or 8" Maximum Movement
  • Sealing Sleeves on All Conduit Openings
  • 10 Trade Sizes from 1/2" through 4"
  • 2 mil Red Urethane Interior Coating
  • 40 mil Gray PVC Exterior Coating
  • Internally Grounded
Plasti-Bond REDH2OT XJG type expansion joints are used to connect two lengths of conduit subject to longitudinal movement, including that caused in long runs by thermal expansion and contraction.
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