A sensor is a device that detects to some type of event or change in its environment, and responds by reporting or sending that information to an operator or another device.

The input detected by the sensor can be just about any environmental stimuli, including light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, and more. The sensor detects and measures the change, and transmits that data through some output signal. A sensor that measures temperature, for example, can output that data as voltage signal readable by another device like a display or control component.

Sensors are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with different designs and technologies used to detect specific, individual inputs. Sensitivity and accuracy also vary device to device.

LS-7 Series Image
  • No. 22 AWG
  • RoHS Compliance
  • SPST, 20VA Switch Rating
These low-cost units are ideal for high volume use in small tanks and vessels. Engineered plastics construction offers broad compatibility in water, oils and chemicals.
  • Ideal for Oils and Fuel
  • Can rotate 180 Degrees
LS-270 Series Image
  • Buna N Float Material
  • 150 PSI Max Pressure
  • UL Recognized
Level monitoring and temperature switch in a single unit. Intermediate in size; single-setting temperature sensor is in bottom of stem.
  • Ideal for Oils and Water
  • Small, Lightweight, and Extremely Stable
ELS-1100 Series Image
  • 18 mA Current Consumption
  • Polysulfone or Nylon Housing Materials
  • 0 To 150 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure
These polysulfone units are both compact and economical. They feature a variety of mountings, power requirements and electrical terminations to make it easy to find a perfect match for your application.
  • UL Listed
  • 1 mm Repeatability
LS-74780 Series Image
  • Large Size
  • Lead Wires
  • RoHS Compliance
Each of these series offers its own unique features. Choose from the selection when all-plastic material is desirable and tank space is not restricted.
  • Suited for Rough Service
  • Ideal for Chemical and Plating Applications
RSF50 Series Image
  • Vertical Float
  • 25 VA Switching Power
  • 0.6 Amp Switching Current
  • NO/NC Contacts
  • Compact Design
The RSF50 series from Cynergy3 are compact vertically mounted devices with a single switch point. Mounting is in the top or bottom of the tank from the inside, so access to the inside of the tank is required. Typical applications include printing systems and chemical dosing equipment. They are manufactured in a variety of materials, with a choice of gasket materials to suit most commonly used liquids. The switch action may be reversed by removing the float, inverting it, and then refitting it to the stem. All types are also available with 1/8" NPT tapred thread.
EAC Series Image
  • Highly Accurate
  • Average Responding
  • Jumper Selectable Ranges
  • Isolation for Safety
  • UL, C-UL, and CE Approved
The CurrentWatch EAC Series from Eation's electrical business combines a current transformer and signal conditioner into a single package. The EAC Series has a jumper-selected current input ranges and industry standard outputs: 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC. This family of sensors is designed for applications on "linear" or sinu-soidal AC loads. Available in split-core or solid-core housings.
Typical Applications
  • Automation Equipment- Analog current reading for remote monitoring and software alarms
  • Data Loggers- Self-powered sensors help conserv data logger batteries
  • Panel meters- Simple connection displays power consumption
A/CTA2 Series Image
The 4-20 mA Output Analog Current Sensors are designed for use in any AC current monitoring application in which you are looking to monitor a particular piece of equipment. The "Average" style current sensors should be used in applications where the Sinusoidal waveform has no distortion or noise on the conductor being monitored. Applications may include monitoring a resistive type load such as an incandescent light bulb, heating element as well as any single speed linear load. Note that the "True RMS" sensors are able to be used in all applications since the "True RMS" current sensors provide the best overall accuracy and should be used in applications which includes Variable Frequency Drives, Switching Power Supplies, Computers and Data Centers, Electronic Ballasts, SCR's, and Variable Speed Loads. For currents monitored above 250 Amps, the CTA2-5 and SCTA2-5 are ideal for use with a step down Ratio:5A Output CT (Current Transformer) in stepping down current in a monitored conductor to a proportional 0 to 5A output signal. The current sensors are available in both solid and split-core versions which also includes a Patented (Pat. No. US 7,416,421) 35 mm Din Rail mounting foot for easy installation in panel mount applications. The solid-core versions are a great choice for new installations or OEM applications in which cost sensitivity, lower trip points and environmental issues like dust and moisture may be of concern. The split-core version of the current sensors work great in retrofit applications and for use on service technicians vehicles since one or two parts will work in most applications and can be easily installed without disconnecting any wires.
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