Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)
Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)
A surge protector (or surge suppressor) is a device designed to protect electrical equipment from voltage spikes.

Surge protectors block or short to ground any unwanted voltages that pass a specific threshold. This limits the voltage that is allowed to pass through to connected equipment, devices or appliances.

Surge protectors are typically installed in distribution or control panels to protect connected industrial equipment. Their efficacy is determined by their peak voltage rating and response time. Heavy-duty protectors, for heavy machinery, are designed to dissipate thousands of Joules with rapid response times; smaller protectors can effectively protect control components and communications equipment at lighter loads.

SPD Series Image
  • Optional internal disconnect available
  • 200kA short-circuit current rating
  • 20kA nominal discharge current
The sidemount versions of the SPD series surge protective devices are the latest and most advanced surge protectors. Application of the SPD series units throughout a facility will ensure that equipment is protected with the safest and most reliable surge protective devices available. Unites are available in all common voltages and configurations, and also in a variety of surge current capacity ratings from 50 through 400 kA.
  • UL 1449 3rd edition
  • CSA Approved
Aegis Series Image
  • Lowest let-through voltage
  • Best filtering of EMI/EFI
  • Various applications
The AEGIS Series line filters and surge protectors are specifically designed to protect sensitive electronics from hazards that exist within a facility. The AEGIS Series hybrid filter reacts instantly to changes in voltage regardless of phase angle or polarity. In comparison to other line filter, this technology provides a higher level of suppression, reliability and life expectancy.
  • Lowest maintenance cost
  • Longest equipment life
Surgitron III Series Image
  • Listed to UL 1449 3rd Edition for a Type 1 SPD Application
  • LED Indicates Proper Functioning
  • Medium Duty
CVX050 Series Image
  • For residential, small business, light industrial, light commercial
  • Service entrance and branch panel protection
  • OEM applications
  • Control panels
Eaton CVX050 and CVX100 surge protective devices (SPDs) protect electronic equipment from damaging transients .These units are suitable for medium and low exposure level applications that require cost-effective, and high-quality system protection.
Surgitron I Series Image
  • Matrix of Dividedly fused Metal Oxide Varistors
  • Listed to UL 1449 3rd Edition for a Type 1
  • Cover lights Indicate Status of Modules
  • Modular Design
  • Heavy Duty
ST-MODULAR Series Image
  • Easy Installation or Retrofit
  • DIN-rail Mountable
  • Fail-safe, Self-protected Design
  • Remote Indicator (Optional)
  • Visual Indicator
Surge-Trap Modular Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a no-fuse, fail-safe surge suppressor featuring Mersen's patented TPMOV® technology inside. The modular SPD is UL 1449 3rd Edition approved. It is DIN-rail mountable featuring a fail-safe self-protected design, visual indicator, and a small footprint. A remote indicator option provides status to critical control circuitry. The Surge-Trap Modular SPD has a high short circuit rating and a thermally protected MOV, which eliminates the need for additional overcurrent protection devices.
  • IP20 Finger-safe Design
  • Small Footprint
  • No Additional Overcurrent Protection Devices Required
OVR-TYPE2 Series Image
Over 80 % of transient surges are caused by internal sources such as load switching and normal equipment operations. The installation of ABB OVR UL 1449 3rd edition pluggable AC DIN rail SPDs will combat these surges and provide protection to valuable equipment and help keep an operation up and running. This new product range is approved as Type 4 recognized components and is usable in Type 2 applications. These products are of the same high quality as ABB UL 1449 2nd edition devices, with improved safety as a result of additional testing required by the UL 1449 3rd edition standard. Installation at branch panels, control panels and terminal equipment is recommended to provide the most complete protection.
The OVR DIN rail SPDs utilize fast acting metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology to limit overvoltage to values compatible with the sensitive equipment connected to the network.
End of life indicator - This feature is standard on all ABB pluggable OVR DIN rail surge protectors. Each cartridge is equipped with a mechanical indicator which is green when the SPD is operational and protecting the system, and turns red when it has reached end of life. When this occurs, the cartridge must be replaced to guarantee protection.
The ability to efficiently maintain equipment is a key focus topic for industrial facilities. For this reason, ABB OVR DIN rail SPDs (excluding data line products) now utilize pluggable cartridges. Should one or more cartridges reach end of life, the electrical circuit does not have to be isolated, nor does the whole device have to be removed. Simply pull the dead cartridge from its housing and plug in a new one.
SP1 Series Image
  • Pre-wired with 24 inches of 10-gauge wire
  • 20 kA nominal discharge current rating
  • 50 kA per phase surge current capacity
The SP1 is a UL 1449 3rd Edition-listed surge protective device that provides reliable, cost-effective surge protection. This Type 1 SPD is capable of being installed on either the line or load side of the service entrance disconnect and can be used as a replacement for devices formerly known as secondary surge arrestors or lighting arrestors, which could not be manufactured after UL 1449 3rd Edition in many common voltages and configurations. Multiple mounting options coupled with a compact footprint enables installation of the SP1 in a wide range of applications.
  • Type 1 SPD capable installation
  • Wall or DIN-rail mounting
STT Series Image
Specifically designed to meet UL1449 standards, the Surge-Trap Type 1 SPD for indoor and outdoor applications features Mersen's industry leading patented TPMOV® technology. Offering an economical replacement for the former secondary surge arrestors, the Surge-Trap Type 1 is a no-fuse surge suppressor solution that is intended to be installed without an external overcurrent protective device. Offering an innovative design and superior protection in a small footprint, the Surge-Trap Type 1 can be installed either upstream or downstream of the main disconnect.
RE Series Image
  • Whole house surge protection
  • Compact NEMA polycarbonate enclosure
  • Blue indicator LED
  • 50 kA surge current strength
  • Optional electrical noise filter
  • UL 1449 Listed with advanced safety features
  • Five year warranty
  • Protect residence from electrical surges
  • Easily installed outdoors or indoors, non-submersible
  • Easy monitoring of surge protection status
  • Withstands severe lightning strikes
  • Protects valuable electronics & appliances
  • Product longevity in the most demanding environments
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