Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks
Terminal blocks (also known as connection terminals or screw terminals) are modular, insulated sections that fasten two or more wires together and consist of an insulating frame and a clamping component.

Today's control wiring solutions are becoming more complex as equipment is constrained to smaller spaces, and industry calls for more responsiveness and higher amounts of automation. Within the control board, terminal blocks provide that flexibility. These modular components are snapped firmly into place on a mounting rail to quickly and securely establish connections.

Terminal blocks can be easily added or removed from a mounting rail without interfering with other wire terminations. In addition to minimizing complexity of control wiring, the plastic frames of terminal blocks also protect against shorts and subsequently provide increased safety to installers and service crews.

EUROSTRIP Series Image
  • 300 Volt Rated
  • 20 ~ 63 Amps
  • 2 ~ 12 Poles
  • Flat or Raised Mounting
  • UR, CE, IDE/VDE Approvals
Eurostrips are safe, economical and meet international standards. They are a cost-effective alternative to barrier strips that require labor-intensive wire lugs. Eurostrips feature tubular screw clamps, with or without wire protectors, and are ready for immediate hookup. Eurostrips are available in easy-to-cut 12 pole strips or pre-cut.
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