A terminal is the point at which a conductor from an electrical device comes to an end. It is at this point where components connect to external circuits. It can simply be the end of a wire, or fitted with specific connectors, fasteners, adaptors, or lugs.

The connection at a terminal may be temporary, using hardware that can easily be installed or removed. Temporary connections are accomplished with discrete hardware like wire nuts or crimp terminals, which can usually be fixed or removed by hand.

Other more permanent terminals require certain tools or methods to install, like soldering, mechanical, or compression lugs. In a closed system, two terminals are used: a positive terminal and a negative terminal. Current flows positive to negative, closing the circuit to provide a secure connection between equipment.

  • 26 ~ 8 AWG
  • Variety of Styles Available
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated
  • Color Coded Wire Size
  • Different Terminal Materials Available
NTE offers a complete range of Solderless Terminals. Insulated and Non-Insulated terminals are available for a variety of different styles in a broad range of wire size. These are perfect for making a secure connection with no need to solder. To complete the installation of solder less terminals NTE offers a matching crimping tool.
CSWS Series Image
  • Manufactured from High Strength Seamless Copper
  • Suitable for use in Circuits Rated 35KV or less
  • Provide Low Contact Resistance
  • Offers Maximum Conductivity
  • For Easy Conductor Insertion
  • Rated to 90 degree C
  • Electro-tin Plated
  • Chamfered Entry
  • CSA Certified
  • Color Coded
  • UL Listed
INSULATED Series Image
  • 28 ~ 350 MCM AWG
  • Short and Long Styles
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated
  • Single and Double Wire Entry
  • Strips and Spools Available
ABB offers a complete range of insulated or non-insulated ferrules to simplify wire insertion. Single Insulated ferrules are available for wire sizes 28~4/0 AWG and non-insulated ferrules from 28~350MCM AWG. Double entry insulated ferrules accept wire gauges 22~6. Ferrules are ideal for applications where repetitive connect and disconnect of stranded wire is required. To complete the installation of ferrules, ABB offers a wide-range of crimping tools.
  • Polypropylene Insulation
  • Tin Plated Copper Terminals
YAV Series Image
  • The seamless tubing produces a double thick tongue.
  • Seamless barrel design provides a strong connector for high reliability
Type YAV is a seamless, heavy-duty uninsulated compression terminal manufactured from electrolytic copper and is for use on Type AN aircraft cable, extra flexible conductors and commercial (code) conductors.
  • Applications include aircraft, industrials, hospitals, electric utilities, marine, computers, and other equipment subject to vibration or requiring dependable electrical performance.
Pan-Term Terminals Series Image
Panduit Pan-Term Terminals are designed and manufactured for fast assembly, and reliable performance. Panduit provides an extensive line of tooling designed specifically to provide optimum performance. As the demand for loose piece terminals increases, it becomes essential to provide a complete system for termination products.
  • Funnel entry available on vinyl and nylon insulated terminals and disconnects, speeds insertion, and minimizes turned back wire strands
  • Made of electrolytic copper to provide an optimum combination of crimp forming and high conductivity properties to provide superior terminations
  • Available in sizes from #26 - 2 AWG and stud hole diameters from #2 - 1/2 inch; non-insulated tubular terminals sizes from #8 - 250 kcmil
  • Applicable sizes are UL Listed and CSA Certified, RoHS compliant, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Approved, Class IE Nuclear Rated, DFARS 252.225-7014 Compliant and meet Military Specifications MS25036 and MS20659 as noted
  • Wide assortment of manual, controlled cycle, battery operated hydraulic and pneumatic crimping tools for reliable connections at the lowest installed cost
  • Standard pack terminals are now offered in a new ergonomic, reusable, clear plastic bottle with color-coded flip top lids for easy product selection, dispensing and size identification
  • New Convenience Packs offer premium terminal products in a clear, resealable, 20 piece package, designed for quick product selection and identification
Pan-Lug Compression Series Image
Panduit Pan-Lug Compression Connectors provide permanent terminations for a variety of power and grounding applications, with innovation, highest reliability, and lowest installed cost. Panduit offers the first and only copper compression lugs and splices that meet Network Equipment-Building Systems (NEBS) Level 3 requirements as tested by Telcordia Technologies. NEBS Level 3 assures that product performance is suitable for equipment applications that demand minimal service interruptions over the life span of the equipment.
  • Functional product information is marked directly on the connector, facilitating the identification, ordering, and usage of the compression connector
  • Color-coded to facilitate quick identification of the proper crimping die
  • Made from high strength, high conductivity electrolytic copper and aluminum alloy materials to provide optimum connectivity for power and grounding applications
  • UL Listed or Recognized, CSA Certified, ABS Type Approved and tested by Telcordia - meets NEBS Level 3, as noted
  • Terminations using Panduit Pan-Lug Compression Connectors are also UL Listed and CSA Certified with specified competitor tools
  • Wide assortment of manual, controlled cycle, battery operated hydraulic and pneumatic crimping tools for reliable connections at the lowest installed cost
KA Series Image
Compact, economical, high copper alloy terminal for joining a wide range of cable to equipment pads or terminal blocks.
KA-U Series Image
These dual-rated lugs are constructed from high strength aluminum alloy and electro tin-plated to provide low contact resistance.
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