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Name Brand Replacements: Learn About Name Brand Replacements Here > Name Brand Replacements (or, NBR's) are Brand Renewal Parts that are direct substitutes for OEM Proprietary Compenants used in applications such as:
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives
  • Welders
  • Contactors
  • CNC Machines
  • Induction Heating Controls
Galco Name Brand Replacements cover a wide range of components and are guaranteed to be a Fit, Form and Functional Drop-In Replacement for higher priced OEM* parts.

Galco offers thousands of Name Brand Replacements in the form of:

SCR's • IGBT's • Power Modules • Diodes • Contactors • Relays • Transistors • Contact Kits • Capacitors • Bridge Rectifiers • Fuses • Rheostats • Suppressors

*Name Brand Replacements™ are not products produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM")