Phase Rotation Testers

Extech Instruments

480 Series Image
  • LCD Display
  • Operated Up To 690 Volts
  • Open Phase, Orientation, and Direction Check
  • Frequency Range 45~70 Hertz
  • Extremely Simple To Use
Phase sequence testing is a crucial step in connecting a three-phase load to an electrical system. For example, improper connection of three-phase motors may lead to reverse rotation, resulting in damage to equipment powered by the motor. Extech testers can be used to assure proper and safe connection of electrical equipment on three-phase systems.
480403 Series Image
  • Indicates Rotation Direction of the Motor
  • Determine Rotation of a Motor without Contact
  • Ensures that Motor does not Get Damaged from Incorrect Wiring
  • 40 to 600VAC Rated Test Range for Testing Phase Orientation of Three Phase Power Sources over 2 to 400Hz Frequency Range
  • LEDs Indicate Phase Orientation (Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise) and whether Each of the Three Phases is Live
  • Durable Housing is Double Molded
  • Easy to Open Alligator Clips with Wide Jaws
  • Complete with Cable and Three Large Color Coded Alligator Clips, Pouch Case, and 9V Battery
  • Safety Ratings, CAT III, CE, CAT IV
  • Line Powered
  • LCD Display
  • Open Phase, Phase Orientation, Direction Check
  • Up To 690 Volts
A rotation tester consists of the combination of the 3-phase rotation tester with a motor rotation tester. The motor rotation tester measures the direction of motor shafts, and ensures the motor is not damaged from incorrect wiring. The 3-phase tester tests phase orientation of three phase power sources. Indicates (clockwise or counter-clockwise) orientation, and whether each of the three phases is live. Usually the cables on the meter are color coded, to indicate each individual line.
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