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HID Series Image
  • Designed to Operate for 60,000 Hours of Continuous Operation at Their Maximum Rated Temperature
  • Designed in Accordance with All Applicable ANSI Specifications including ANSI C82.4
  • Multiple Line Voltage Options from 120 V to 480 V
  • Power 50 to 1500 Watt Lamps
  • UL Component Recognized
E-VISION Series Image
A versatile new standard in electronic high intensity discharge (HID) ballast technology, e-Vision® electronic ballasts for 20-200W metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps offer users the powerful combination of bright light and enhanced energy efficiency. Through their electronic circuitry and the inclusion of exclusive Intellivolt® multiple-voltage technology, e-Vision delivers the benefits of consistent color rendering and wattage, longer life, and efficient cost of ownership and represents an optimal choice for retail, institutional, and commercial users within a broad range of applications.
e-Vision is ideal in a variety of retail downlighting and accent lighting applications as well as a host of institutional, office, and outdoor venues.
MAGNETIC Series Image
Core and coil ballasts consist of one, two, or three copper or aluminum coils on a core of electrical-grade steel laminations. With an exclusive core and coil design and manufacturing process, Philips Advance ballasts offer unparalleled reliability and safety as well as superior performance. Inclusive to a number of different products, including VAL-U-PAK and HID Ballast Replacement Kits and Class N (-200°C insulation) and 5-TAP™ models, Philips' core and coil design for HID ballasts optimally support a range of commercial, industrial, and public/recreational applications.
Philips Advance core and coil ballasts are suitable for such venues as parking lots and garages, landscape lighting, and sports lighting.
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