Philips Advance Transformer

Philips Advance Transformer Series MAGNETIC HID Ballasts: Learn About Philips Advance Transformer Series MAGNETIC HID Ballasts Here > Core and coil ballasts consist of one, two, or three copper or aluminum coils on a core of electrical‑grade steel laminations. With an exclusive core and coil design and manufacturing process, Philips Advance ballasts offer unparalleled reliability and safety as well as superior performance. Inclusive to a number of different products, including VAL‑U‑PAK and HID Ballast Replacement Kits and Class N (‑200°C insulation) and 5‑TAP™ models, Philips' core and coil design for HID ballasts optimally support a range of commercial, industrial, and public/recreational applications.

Philips Advance core and coil ballasts are suitable for such venues as parking lots and garages, landscape lighting, and sports lighting.