Power Centers

Servicenter Mini-Unit Series Image
  • Heat Barrier under Core and Coil Provides Electrical and Thermal Isolation for Wiring Compartment
  • High-Efficiency Core Construction Results in Quiet Transformer Operation and Low No-Load Losses
  • Factory Installed and Wired GE Main and Secondary Main Circuit Breakers
  • Front-Accessible, Hinged or Removable Panel Door Is Safe and Convenient
  • Keyhole Mounting Flange Facilitates Easy Mounting
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
This easily installed and serviceable unit incorporates a Type QMS transformer (single phase) or a Type QL transformer (three phase), a primary main circuit breaker, a secondary main circuit breaker, and a load-center-design breaker panel. Since these components donít have to be installed and interconnected separately, the contractor or user can reduce installation time and costs. Because of the single-unit concept, only one, handy Servicenter needs to be mounted.
The single-phase Servicenter can be used wherever 480 Volt power is available and 120 or 240 Volt branch circuits are required. The three-phase Servicenter can be used wherever 240 Volt, 480 Volt or 600 Volt is available and 208 Volt Y/120 Volt circuits are required. The unit can be used in such applications as vending machine areas, construction laboratory test areas, and general construction sites where temporary or quickly obtained power is required, or where future expansion of branch circuits is planned.
PowerPlus Series Image
  • Type 3R Enclosure
  • Single Phase, 60 Hz
  • Shielded Transformer
  • Conduit Knockouts
The PowerPlus series is a pre-wired power center that combines a prewired primary breaker, secondary power panel, and dry Ėtype shielded transformer in a Type 3R enclosure. They are encapsulated for general purpose indoor or outdoor use within a variety of environments.
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