Xcelite - Apex Tool Group

2-in-1 Stubby Series Image
  • 3/16” Slotted Tip End and Xcelite Catalog No. 1 Phillips Stubby Handle
4-in-1 Series Image
  • Converts in Seconds to 4 Most Often Needed Tips (3/16” and 1/4” Slotted Tips and Xcelite Catalog No. 1 And 2 Phillips)
  • Two Blades Also Interchangeable with Two-in-One
  • Self-Storing Standard Shaft
  • Extra Handy
4-Way Pocket Tool Series Image
  • Special Reversible SB1 Blade Fits Slotted (3/16”) or Phillips No. 1 Head Screws
  • Double-Ended Handle Serves As 2 Sizes of Nut Drivers (7/16” and 1/4”)
  • Handy for Removing Backs of TV Sets and Installing Antennas
  • Extremely Versatile Time-Saver
Allen Hex Series Image
  • Screwdriver for Recessed Socket Head Screws
  • Allen Hex Socket Type Screwdrivers
  • Inch and Metric Sizes
Ballpoint Style Allen Series Image
  • Unique “Ballpoint” Tip Makes Xcelite Drivers Ideal for Tightening and Removing Allen Type Socket Head Screws in Out-of-Reach Places or Merely When Wanting an Easier, Quicker Way to Drive Them Home
  • Slips Easily into Sockets and Holds Securely without Reaming, Because Ends Are Precision-Machined to Close Tolerance
  • For Easier Tightening and Removing of Allen Type Socket Head Screws
  • Will Engage Screw Head from Any Angle
Extra Long Series Image
  • Blades Made of AISI 6150 Chrome Vanadium Steel, Plated for Protection
  • Extra Long Phillips Type Screwdrivers
  • 10 in Blade Length
Pro Series Electronic Series Image
  • The Handle Core Is Made of Hard Shockproof Plastic for Durability, While the Outer Coating Is Soft Rubber for Comfort and Slip Resistance
  • Smooth Shatterproof Seamless Handle Cap for Minimal Friction between Hand and Handle When Screwdriver Is Being Turned
  • Satin Finish Chrome Molybdenum Steel Shafts Provide Durability
  • Specially Treated Black Oxide Tips Eliminate Light Reflection
  • Thumb Bolster Allows Added Downward Force
  • Narrow Pinch Grip for Comfort and Control
All PRO-SERIES screwdrivers feature rubber coated, dual material handles with an ESD safe hard plastic core to protect sensitive components. The handles are ergonomically designed, allowing sustained high torque with minimal slippage and muscle fatigue. And all PRO-SERIES screwdrivers have professional level features like chrome molybdenum vanadium steel shafts with black oxide tips. If you are discriminating about the tools you use, the Xcelite PRO-SERIES is designed for you.
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