NBR Products
Name Brand Replacements (or, NBR's) are Brand Renewal Parts that are direct substitutes for OEM Proprietary Compenants used in applications such as:
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives
  • Welders
  • Contactors
  • CNC Machines
  • Induction Heating Controls
Galco Name Brand Replacements cover a wide range of components and are guaranteed to be a Fit, Form and Functional Drop-In Replacement for higher priced OEM* parts.

Galco offers thousands of Name Brand Replacements in the form of:

SCR's • IGBT's • Power Modules • Diodes • Contactors • Relays • Transistors • Contact Kits • Capacitors • Bridge Rectifiers • Fuses • Rheostats • Suppressors

*Name Brand Replacements™ are not products produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM")

NBR Examples
Galco Industrial Electronics customers can purchase NBR's at a fraction of the cost of an OEM part with the exact same product specifications and features. Below is a comparison between an OEM (in this case, Siemens) SCR and the NBR SCR with the same product specifications, features, and part number, at a significantly lower cost.

An NBR price comparison
NBR by Manufacturer
Galco Industrial Electronics offers replacements for a select product offering by the manufacturers listed below, and many more!

ABB • Ajax Magnethermic • Allen Bradley • Benshaw • Dynapower • Eaton Cutler-Hammer • Emerson Control Techniques • Fincor • Furnas • General Electric • Hobart • Inductotherm • IPE Cheston • P&H Mine Pro • Pillar • Reliance • Saftronics • Siemens • Tocco • Toshiba • Udylite • Vectrol • Westinghouse • Yaskawa • & More!

To see a complete list of manufacturers that Galco offers NBR's for, please visit our NBR page.
What are Name Brand Replacement (NBR) Parts?
NBR parts are direct replacements for your OEM proprietary replacement parts.
Are NBR parts guaranteed?
Yes! Galco offers a one-year warranty on all NBR parts.
How do I order NBR replacements?
To order NBR replacements, just add the prefix NBR to your OEM part numaber.